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Interior trend: Pink

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 18/05/2016 11:14:55 Inspiration

Ever since the Pantone colour of the year was named as Rose Quartz, a sultry pastel pink, interiors have been crazy for the dusty pastel shade. Here’s how to get the look right at home with a room-by-room guide.

Pic: Marks & Spencer

Use it wall to wall in the living room

We all love a feature wall, but if you’re going to be brave enough to put this smoky pink shade in a living room, you can’t just dip your toe in – you have to dive right in to get the look right. These top three tips should help you get it right:

1 Paint architectural features, such as a wooden fire surround (leave marble ones untouched, obvs), dado and picture rails, and skirting in the same colour as the walls. Doing so will give the room a more contemporary feel than if they were painted white.

2 Contrast the feminine tones with shutters, floorcoverings and furniture in crisp monotones, whether white or shades of grey. We love a deep grey for an on-trend look. Or, go all-white and pale wood for a softer, but still acceptably masculine, feel.

3 Gone for wood or white furniture with your pink décor? Add a touch of glamour with accessories – just one or two – in bronze. Matched your pink scheme with grey? Soften the contrast and add interest by introducing contemporary floral patterns.

Pic: Marks & Spencer

Be bold with pastels in the kitchen diner

The colour rules for a living room apply in a kitchen and/or dining, space, too – but you’ll need to be more cunning with your use of our current favourite shade. Try these ideas to get it spot on:

1 Wall-to-wall pink in a kitchen diner? We’d rather see it on a feature wall and matched with clean, crisp tones and colours, such as a pale wood and white – perhaps with a splash of metallic colour here and there. Where to put it? Behind the dining table will be easy on the eye and make an impact without dominating.

2 Pink on the kitchen units? No. We know it’s on trend. We know you love it. But, just no. Stick to white, black, grey or wood instead – guaranteed to stay in fashion when pink schemes have gone the way of avocado bathroom suites.

3 Want a quick fix to jazz up your perfectly nice kitchen diner? There are bags of pink accessories about. We’d advise pink ceramics as tasteful must-haves. Pink toaster or kettle. Again, no. Just no.

Pic: Marks & Spencer

Create a contemporary feel in a bedroom

Unless your bedroom has amazing architectural features, this colour can be tricky. Yes, it’s the perfect soothing, pretty shade for creating a relaxing space, BUT if you’re not careful, it can tip over into sickly. These ideas will keep you on the right side of tasteful:

1 Use it as a background colour on a large-print wallcovering, printed or hand-painted mural. If your room has a decent-sized window, you can get away with a print like this on all four walls (as long as the rest of the room is kept plain-ish), but if the window is tiny, keep the print to one, feature wall.

2 Don’t match the pink with any kind of carpet or the room will look like your maiden aunt’s. Instead, go for stripped floorboards – whether dark or lime washed – and add deep pile rugs for a touch of kitsch.

3 An old pine bed won’t match this scheme, so choose one with a contemporary or 1950s style frame in dark wood or white; or go for one with an upholstered headboard in a contrasting colour, such as a warm, acid yellow or zingy pale blue.

Pic: California Shutters

Soften a home office scheme

Pale pink can work really well on the walls of a home office if you follow our colour rules above, but that’s not the only way to display this chirpy shade. In fact, in a busy – and sometimes untidy – room like this, it’s better to take a subtler approach. Here’s how:

1 Pale pink shutters look stunning against the backdrop of a scheme otherwise dominated by monotones; they will filter and warm the daylight as it comes into the room, too. Use our Colour Match Service to get the tone just right.

2 Is your plain home office as dull as paperwork? Why not paint your desk in a dusky pink? Use a soft sheen finish that will be tough but not too shiny for a contemporary feel.

3 Just want to add a touch of pink to keep the budget in check? Look for storage boxes, box files and pinboards in our favourite shade.

Pic: Primark

Go boho in a bathroom

We don’t rate dusky pink walls in a contemporary bathroom – it just doesn’t work, in our opinion. We’re not overly keen on pink tiles, either – pink’s too contentious a colour to live with long term. However, add a touch of rock chick to the scheme and we’re happy. It’s quick and easy to do – no need to refit:

1 Plain white shower curtain? Swap yours for a patterned one that features touches of pink – works well with aqua, too.

2 Got a roll top bath you could paint the underside of? Go for it – worse that can happen is that you have to repaint it when you have moved on to something new.

3 Towels, bottles, bath mats… it’s just the case of a quick shopping trip. And, to complete the look, add a couple of over-sized house plants.


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