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Which shutter material is best for my bathroom?

Sally Denyer 15/01/2020 12:17:25
When choosing a window dressing for a bathroom, plantation shutters are the most practical design by far. Waterproof, with a streamlined finish and full privacy control, they’re the stylish addition your bathroom is crying out for!

Bathrooms are prone to moisture build-up and direct contact with water, so which material would be best for your bathroom shutters? Let’s find out!  

Bathroom shutters by California Shutters

Waterproof Polyvinyl for bathroom window shutters?

Our Waterproof Polyvinyl is an ideal material for windows in humid or steamy rooms. If your bathroom is small, poorly ventilated, or you know that your shutters are going to come into direct contact with water, then we would recommend this material.

Our Waterproof range is made from 100% waterproof polyvinyl that is guaranteed against warping, fading and peeling.

This is a range that will last the test of time in any environment. And you’ll never be able to tell the difference between our polyvinyl and its smooth wood counterparts!

We offer this range in a choice of four calming colours with a classic stainless-steel hinge: stylish yet practical.

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Bathroom shutters by California Shutters

Is Affordable hybrid the material for you?

If your bathroom is well ventilated and the windows are a fair distance from a water source, then we would recommend our Affordable wood hybrid range for the shutters for your bathroom window.

This range simply offers an affordable price for a quality material. Sturdy hardwood is wrapped around a tough aluminium core; a durable product that can withstand any busy bathroom environment.

The twelve stunning paint shades available are resistant to moisture and easy to wipe clean. And with our range of hinge colours, we can guarantee our shutters complement every possible bathroom interior.

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Bathroom shutters by California Shutters

Wooden shutters for bathroom windows?

For a quality, versatile material; choose our hardwood shutters. Whether smooth or grained, they provide a classic and timeless look for your bathroom windows.

Crafted from sustainably sourced hardwood; we have Basswood with a smooth finish and Ashwood that has a grained finish. We offer both these woods in our entire selection of paint colours, from the purest of whites to the softest of blacks.

Additionally, we offer our Ashwood in a range of traditional stains to truly emphasis the deep grain of this impressive wood. This grain is a little more susceptible to moisture damage, so would only be recommended in a large, well ventilated room.

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Bathroom shutters by California Shutters

Why choose shutters for bathroom windows?

  • Shutters are perfect for controlling the light that enters your bathroom. With the panels closed you can use the slats to ensure that perfect levels of light enter your room.
  • These window dressings offer complete privacy. Whether you opt for Solid shutters, café or full height- with the panels closed, nothing will be visible from the outside.
  • Whether modern or traditional, shutters offer a seamless look that complements any bathroom interior.
  • Shutters are incredibly easy to clean. Unlike their curtain or blind counterparts, all shutters require is a simple wipe down with a damp cloth to ensure they stay as good as new. Toothpaste, soap, bubble bath…bring it on!
  • Unlike Venetian or pull-down blinds, shutters are not prone to mildew build-up in humid conditions.
  • In what can be the smallest room of the house, all shutter styles can bifold to the sides to ensure minimal room is taken up. If you’re worried about your bathroom window’s proximity to the sink, we can recommend a shallower frame or a specific panel configuration to ensure your panels aren’t restricted in any way.
  • All our paints are UV protected and guaranteed not to yellow or fade, however much light they’re exposed to.
  • Just like the other rooms in your home, bathroom shutters are easy to measure and easy to fit. Once you get your measurements correct, the rest is a breeze!
  • Shutters, like your bathroom itself, are a long-term investment. A classic addition that doesn’t need to change every time your style does.

If you’d like to chat with one of our experts about how shutters can turn a good bathroom into a great one, then email us or call us  – we’re more than happy to help!