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The Ultimate Guide to Buying DIY Shutters

Sean Baldwin 19/09/2019 11:51:12 Buying Shutters

As a leading retailer of hardwood plantation shutters, we specialise in made-to-measure designs for both the experienced and novice DIY enthusiast. Providing a comprehensive support service for customers, our expert team will ensure that installing your own shutters is not a daunting process.

Before embarking on the journey of DIY shutters, you'll want to explore the styles on offer and consider whether they’ll ultimately work for you and your lifestyle. Here’s a concise guide to buying DIY shutters, providing you with everything you need to know before making your final decision.


Benefits of buying DIY shutters

The addition of shutters will instantly boost the look of your home, bringing an undeniable sense of style to both the interior and exterior. Originally used in warmer climates to stop excess heat from entering rooms, plantation shutters have now become a familiar sight in the UK. Their climate control capabilities offer an attractive asset to anyone’s home, where their insulating qualities come in highly useful during the colder months, saving money on fuel bills.

Whilst enhancing the aesthetic of your home, shutters also boast many practical benefits such as light control and privacy, as well as eliminating hazards that can occur when you have chords hanging down. They’re also the easiest of window dressings to clean, requiring a simple dust or wipe.

By choosing the DIY route, you’re making a significant saving in installation fees. Even if you have minimal DIY experience, they’re easy to maintain, simple to install, and built to last.  

So how do you go about choosing your DIY shutters?

Bathroom shutters California Shutters

Buying Tips

Shutters should always be made to measure, not cut to size. California Shutters’ are measured to the exact dimensions of your window, ensuring a seamless fit and eliminating the stress of an ill-fitting design. Measuring your own windows can seem like quite the task to carry out yourself, but we have a variety of step-by-step guides to help you along the way.

Styles of Shutters

We have various styles available and are confident that we have just the style to suit the aesthetic and needs of your home.

Full height shutters California shutters
Full height shutters by California Shutters

One of our more popular styles, full-height shutters are perfect for both windows and doors. As the name affirms, these made-to-measure indoor shutters cover the entire height of your window. A lovely, practical and elegant dressing, they’re great for light control and the slats can be adjusted to transition from light to dark with ease.

Ultimate guide to DIY shutters California Shutters
Tier on tier shutters by California Shutters

If you want to let some light in but also achieve privacy, consider tier on tier shutters.  A flexible design, this style allows you to independently control the opening and closing of the top and bottom halves. A great way to dress notoriously difficult bay windows, tier-on-tier will work with their beautifully classic features and will enhance them.

Cafe style shutters by California Shutters
Cafe style shutters by California Shutters 

Café style shutters are designed to cover only the lower half of your window,  working particularly well for rooms that are street-facing or that require additional privacy like the bathroom. This style will keep prying eyes out whilst still letting natural light flood the room.

Solid wood shutters by California Shutters
Solid wood shutters by California Shutters 

Solid shutters, which are most similar in style to traditional shutters, provide you with a refined, sleek aesthetic. Offering various benefits such as total privacy and sound and heat insulation, this style looks particularly effective on large Victorian-style windows and works well in bedrooms and living rooms.

Plantation shutters are versatile, practical and offer a stylish, timeless look. Our customers are often surprised by how easy they are to install and they're always impressed by how beautiful their shutters look.

California Shutters’ pricing starts at £168 per m2.

If you have any enquiries about installing our DIY shutters then speak to one of our experts or email us. We’re here to help you achieve your shutter transformation as smoothly as possible.