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How much do shutters cost?

It's an urban myth that shutters are unattainable luxury items, especially when you choose to install them yourself. By taking the DIY route, you can make substantial savings on installation costs.

How much do shutters cost - California Shutters

How much are shutters in the UK?

On average, UK plantation shutters cost £180 - £300 per square metre. Choosing a full-service shutter installation by experts, with measuring, will cost £300+ per sqm. By DIYing shutters, prices begin at £180 per sqm, saving a potential 40% in fees.

Bay window shutters – how much do they cost?

How much do shutters cost - California Shutters

The size of your bay window and the material used will dictate the cost of your bay window shutters. If you’re self-installing on a typical-sized box bay window measuring approx. 2 sqm, it will cost from £359.

When calculating, multiply the total width times height to work out your square metre measurements, then multiply this by the price of your chosen shutter range. This should give you an accurate estimate.

Examples of bay window shutter costs:

2m2 = From £359
3m2 = From £538
4m2 = From £718

*Please note that these prices are to self-install shutters with California Shutters. If you’d like your bay window shutters to be measured and fitted by a full-service shutter installation provider, add up to 40% extra.

Is it easy to measure and fit shutters yourself?

The cost of shutters - California Shutters

Definitely. You’ll be able to confidently measure and install shutters with our easy to follow website guides. Even if you’re inexperienced at DIY there’s nothing to worry about, and think of the great savings you’re making! Our customers say they can afford to install 2 bay window shutters for the price of 1 by opting for DIY shutters. Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? And if you ever get stuck, our shutter experts are always here to help. 


What are the pros of installing shutters?

How much do shutters cost - California Shutters

As well as the timeless beauty that shutters add to your windows, there are plenty of benefits to gain by investing in shutters.
  • Shutters add value to UK homes, significantly improving kerb appeal. A definite investment, shutters smarten the appearance of homes both inside and out, bringing long-term value to your property and attracting potential buyers.
  • Shutters provide excellent privacy and are particularly practical for living rooms that are street-facing, or bathrooms and bedrooms that are overlooked. They’re easily the best window dressing for retaining privacy whilst exploiting light.
  • Shutters control how light enters a room, especially if they feature slats, which are particularly effective. You can open them to bathe a room in light, tilt them to create areas of partial light, and close them to significantly darken your room.
  • Shutters are sturdy and long-lasting.  If you have high-quality hardwood shutters that are well fitted, you won’t have any need to replace them in a hurry.
  • Shutters offer soundproofing. As they’re made-to-measure to your window frame, plantation shutters provide another soundproof layer to your home.
  • Shutters provide insulation to homes. It’s proven that if you have draughty windows, shutters are an effective means of reducing heat loss.
  • Shutters are easy to keep clean. Avoid the fuss generated by curtains, blinds and dry cleaners – you’ll only need to clean them with a feather duster or give them a wipe!

What materials for shutters are available?

How much do shutters cost - California Shutters

Our shutters come in a variety of materials at different prices and we offer materials to suit all budgets.
MDF shutters are the cheapest shutters available, but you won’t find us stocking them. They’re not the best quality and are easy to scratch and dink. For the same price as MDF shutters, we offer our Affordable Wood Hybrid (see below) which is a much stronger and higher quality hybrid product that contains real hardwood.  

Affordable Hybrawood 
The most affordable route to stylish shutters. Made from a blend of hardwood frames & stiles, the slats are constructed from polyvinyl with an integral aluminium core, ensuring maximum durability. It's available to purchase in 4 slat sizes and 12 paints, and available in all shutter styles, including Tier on Tier. Affordable Hybrawood shutters are our best sellers.

The same price as MDF shutters but a better quality product – (from £225 pm2)   

Pure Hardwood
A smooth all-timber hardwood shutter made from high quality Paulownia. This fast-growing wood is very stable & produces a great finish when painted. Available in 4 slat sizes, special shapes & solid shutters, it comes in 13 paint finishes including 11 stains and 4 deeply grained Limewashes, at no extra charge!

Ideal for larger windows and doors, these lightweight shutters are made from premier Paulownia timber (From £260pm2)

Waterproof PVC
Our Vinyl range is 100% waterproof. Stylish and practical, these shutters will transform bathrooms, wet rooms or kitchens. Available in 4 slat sizes and 4 neutral paint colours.  All slats are made with an aluminium central core, ensuring rigidity. Choose full height, café, or for total flexibility go for a tier on tier option.

Great for bathrooms and wet rooms, Waterproof Vinyl is presented in a choice of four neutral shades with stainless steel hinges.  (From £210pm2)


What different styles of shutters are available and how much do they cost?

The cost of shutters - California Shutters

Here at California Shutters we can build shutters to almost any shape or type of window imaginable, in a variety of different shutter styles depending on your requirements. All these shutter styles are rated depending on the material of choice (pm2), except for special shaped shutters which carry an additional charge.   These cover the window or door entirely, and slat control can be split with mid rails or a hidden split, to provide you with additional light control options. From £180m2 A popular choice on bay windows, they have a tier of shutters at the bottom of the window and a tier of shutters at the top. Tier on tier styles offer dual control and flexibility with light and privacy.From £180m2 These shutters cover the window partially, allowing light control and privacy at a lower level. As you’ll be ordering shutters to fit to a smaller area, they’ll be more affordable. From £180m2. Full solid shutters provide complete window coverage and have a lovely, traditional feel.
These shutters have no slats and are perfect for period properties, offering good light reduction when closed. From £208m2.
  • Special shaped shutters
We're no strangers to making circular, triangular and special shaped shutters. They're the same price as a standard shutter per metre squared (from £180m2), with an extra £150 per window for the additional labour. You can call us or email for a quote.

Some examples of our customers’ shutters and the cost of their installation

*Please note that the prices below are an approximate indication and represent when the customer placed their order. For a precise quote for your windows in the style of your preferred shutters, you can email us or enter your details to our online calculator.

The cost of shutters - California Shutters

Full height shutters

2 frames      Approx height:  1745mm     Approx width: 800mm
Cost: £580*

How much do shutters cost - California Shutters

Café style shutters

3 x Frames    Approx height: 1100mm       Approx width 800mm (2 x sides), 1200mm (1 x middle)
Cost (total): £650

The cost of shutters - California Shutters

Solid raised shutters

1 Frame     Approx height:  1750mm       Approx width: 1300mm
Cost: £470

How much do shutters cost - California Shutters

Tier on tier shutters, angled bay window

Ground floor: 3 Frames   Approx height: 1800mm  Approx width: (2x sides) 650mm, (1x middle) 1200mm
Cost: £850


Half solid full height shutters

Kitchen door:  1  Frame     Approx height:  2000mm      Approx width: 1100mm
Cost: £460



How much will I pay for my shutters?
The best way to know is by putting your measurements into our online calculator. Otherwise, you can email the photos and measurements of your windows to our team of experts, who can support you and put a quote together.

Are bay window shutters more costly than standard window shutters?
It all depends on your window measurements. Shutters are not priced by the style of window but by the metre squared. Usually bay windows are big in size with a larger area to cover, so they cost more than a standard sized window. You can enter your measurements into our online calculator for a quote.

What’s the most inexpensive shutter you offer?
Our Affordable Hybrawood is the most inexpensive route to stylish shutters. Made from a combination of hardwood frames & stiles, the slats are constructed from polyvinyl with an integral aluminium core, ensuring maximum durability. Affordable Wood Hybrid shutters are our best sellers.

How much are bay window shutters?
This depends on the size of your bay window because prices are calculated by the metre squared. You can enter your measurements into our online calculator for a speedy quote or email us for help.

Do coloured shutters cost more?
We have a selection of paints and stains to choose from which don’t cost extra. Why not order your free shutter samples from us today.