10 Home Décor Ways to Make a New Home Homely

Signal Grey wooden shutter in modern kitchen

How to make a house more homely

It’s a hugely exciting thing to be in your new home, but the prospect of redecorating to suit your own style can seem a little daunting, especially if time is a luxury.


With these new home décor ideas, we’ll make the prospect of creating a more homely home a good deal easier!

Signal Grey wooden shutter in modern kitchen

Oakland Full Height shutters in Signal Grey

1. Glow wild

One of the most inviting and relaxing things you can do in a new home, regardless of how many boxes are strewn about the place, is to get the candles out. Soft lighting creates a wonderfully warm hygge-like ambience in your new abode.


Complement these with table and floor lamps to create comforting pools of light, ideal when putting your feet up for some armchair reading. Fairy lights threaded up a stair bannister or placed around or within the fireplace also add a welcome twinkle to the environment.


All done? Congrats. You're on your way to a more homely home décor.

2. Natural finishes

When you’re stuck for new home ideas, it’s always beneficial to consider natural resources like linen, wood and wool over the artificial. These are materials which also compliment the sparseness of pristine new builds.


Logs stacked up by an oven or fireplace bring a reassuring flavour to the environment, as does time-worn wooden furniture which helps provide a more lived-in feel.

3. Precious metals

Including plenty of warm metals has to be one of our favourite new home ideas. It’s no surprise that they're so popular these days: copper, brass, bronze and rose gold add an instantly comforting vibe to a blank space.


Copper-hued lamp shades are ideal for creating a soothing space, and if the kitchen needs enhancing, hanging some copper pots makes for an effective display. Antique copper is easy to source via boot fairs and the internet.


If your copper needs sprucing up then sprinkle some salt on the surface and rub a cut piece of lemon all over to achieve a good overall polish.

Hexagon wooden shelves

4. Choose the right shutters for each room

Whether you’ve just moved into a home that’s full of character or a brand-new build, shutters have the benefits of making a home feel instantly comfortable whilst allowing you to regulate your light requirements at the touch of your fingertips.


They’re stylish, come in a great range of colours to suit your taste, and offer different styles to suit your various rooms.


Full-height shutters have an elegant and classic look.


Tier on tier shutters have independent top and bottom panels so are perfect for dressing tall windows and bay windows smartly.


Café-style shutters cover the lower section of a window and look very chic.


Solid shutters can provide a brand-new home with a traditional flavour

5. Warm up your walls

All-white rooms may make your rooms feel bright and expansive, but in winter months they can also make them feel cold – especially when they’re north-facing.


Warm paint tones are a big trend this year, as shown by Dulux’s Colour of 2019, Spiced Honey. Set between a rich caramel and an earthy brown, this cocooning colour is proof indeed that autumnal shades are ideal for making your rooms cosy and calm.

Gold and cream living room standing lamp with cream cushions

6. Home is where the art is

Hanging your art can be a tricky affair when deciding on new home ideas, but there are real benefits to be had from adorning your walls with artwork earlier on in the game rather than later.


Simply looking at art is known to reduce stress and boost happiness; it also helps to instil your personality and interests into a new space. The more you surround yourself with items that improve your mood, the more you’ll gain that feeling of being at home.


TIP: Choose a subtle accent theme by linking tones throughout furnishings, e.g. A painting may have a predominant burst of colour, say red, that could then influence blankets, cushions, lampshades and shutters. Before you know it, you’ve created a mood colour that can influence contrasting shades on your walls.

7. Attack those stacks

Scruffy piles of bills and toppling magazines are stressful enough to look at without having to put your guests through the agony! Give them a Kondo-style decluttering by binning envelopes, tidying bills away and trimming the magazines down to a few bare essentials.

8. Get fragrant

Establish your favourite smells on an unfamiliarly-scented new home with cedarwood and sandalwood fragrances for your lounge, bay rum and sea salt for the bathroom and a hint of citrus for the kitchen. Lavender and rosemary plants create a distinctly soothing smell. The perfect olfactory accompaniment to your homely home décor.

9. Avoid cold feet

A room feels instantly warmer with some plush flooring – rugs and carpets are essential home décor inclusions to create that all-important welcoming space. They can also be visually enriching, adding refreshing colour zones and a feeling of intimacy. Rugs are easily removable in warmer months when you need to cool your space down.

10. Pillows and Throws

A great way to make your new abode homely and inviting is to place plenty of pillows and throws onto the furniture. It’s far better too have too many than too few.


Sink into a cushiony pillow and bask in the comfort of your relaxing new home! Just moved into a new home and keen to explore your shutter options?


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