How Much Do Shutters Cost?

By installing our window shutters yourself, it means you get to have the same high-quality look and feel at a fraction of the cost.

What is the average cost of plantation shutters in the UK?

Plantation shutters in the UK typically cost £200 - £350 per square metre. Choosing a full-service shutter measure and installation will cost £350+ per square metre. By self-installing your DIY shutters you can make some huge savings.


Our shutter blind prices begin at £204.00 per sqm, saving potentially 40% on the cost of your shutters whilst not making any compromise on the look and feel.

What makes our shutter blinds so affordable?

Lots of companies employ sales people and fitters with vans and equipment to come out to your home. Not only can it be a pain to organise and deal with, but guess what? You’re paying through the nose to cover all of that.


Our business was founded when we watched those exact fitters doing what they do and realised “I could do that”. The plantation shutters are made in a kit form, which if you’ve ever put together flatpack furniture, well it’s a pretty similar level of work (simpler than some we’ve experienced).


That’s when we discovered that we could make the incredible designer feel of plantation shutters at a much more affordable price for so many more people. We want everyone to have the option of a high-cost designer feel on a low-cost budget. So, get out your measuring tape and drill and let’s get going.

Plantation shutter materials to suit all budgets

MDF shutters are the cheapest shutters on the market, but we don't sell them. Why? Put simply, they don’t meet the high standards we set for our products at California Shutters. They’re inherently weaker, with a tendency to snap or break, and often they just look and feel cheaper too. Given the effort you’ve put into your home we think it deserves the best.


So, we’ve scoured high and low for the best quality shutters and, pairing that with our innovative DIY design knowledge, we’re able to bring you premium and bespoke interior window shutters, at a lower cost.


Our affordable shutters come in two different materials to suit all budgets.


Wooden shutter costs

A smooth all-timber hardwood shutter made from high-quality wooden materials. This fast-growing wood is very stable and produces a great finish when painted. Our wooden shutters are available in five paint colours, two classic wood stains, and one subtle limewash.

The same price as MDF shutters but a better quality product – (from £204.00 m2)   


Faux wood shutter costs

Our newest offering, faux-wood window shutters, is light, durable, and made right here in the UK, meaning you can expect them to be delivered in as short as 6-9 working days. Plus, being made from a high-quality composite PVC means they're a waterproof shutter solution while still retaining the look and feel of wooden shutters with realistic graining.

Ideal for kitchen window coverings and bathrooms (From £249.75 m2)

How much do bay window shutters cost?

Like all plantation shutters, the cost of your bay window shutters will be dictated by the style, size and material you choose, but if you’re looking for a rough guide to help you budget for your décor project, use this simple guide to work out how much bay window shutters would cost.

You just need two measurements for this. Multiply the total width (measuring around the curve of the bay) by the height to work out your square metre measurements. The costs below then give you a good starting point to work from.

Examples of bay window shutter costs:

2m2 = From £453
3m2 = From £680
4m2 = From £906

*Please note that these prices are for self-install shutters with California Shutters. If you’d like your bay window shutters to be measured and fitted by a full-service shutter installation provider, add up to 40% extra.

Shutter blinds for all budgets

We love the difference shutters can make to a home, and we passionately believe that they make a big difference to the level of finish you feel when finalising an incredible design. That’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure our window shutters can be bought for a low cost to suit the budget of any home décor scheme or project without breaking the budget and forcing you into compromises elsewhere.


That’s why we’ve created a series of ranges to suit whatever style you’re designing. From the contemporary clean lines of the San Francisco and Oakland collections, to the more classic plantation look of the Berkeley Shutters, or that more continental feel you get with the Sacramento.


Our interior shutter collections cover the three main fitting styles that you’ll find in all wooden shutters:



The different styles give you the opportunity to meet differing needs, whether you’re looking to add a simple privacy barrier, something closer to a near blackout effect or the best of both worlds. All these are designed to deliver maximum style impact with minimum impact on your budget.

Affordable solid plantation shutters

To get as close to total blackout as possible, or to deliver that period feel for more rustic or shabby-chic design styles, solid raised shutters offer the perfect solution. However, the extra materials for solid shutters involved mean that the price of these shutters rises a little to £244.80 per square metre. 


We work hard to keep the costs of our shutter blinds down, meaning that even our most expensive shutter options are still more affordable than full-service shutter companies.

How much will our shutters cost you?

If you want to find out exactly how much our window shutters will cost you, all you need is your window measurements.


To get the price of your window shutters, shop our collection of shutter blinds and choose a design. Enter your window measurements and you'll instantly get your window shutter cost. 


If you're still deciding which colour to go for, we offer free shutter samples to help you make your decision.