10 Nursery Room Décor Ideas You’ll Love

Signal grey wooden window shutters in traditional nursery
Light blue nursery decor with feature wall

Nursery décor ideas

Counting down the months or weeks to having a newborn baby? Create a fabulous newborn-friendly interior design with these nursery room décor ideas. 

Don't worry if you're baby room is tiny, because we've also shared some of our favourite nursery box room ideas.

1. Window dressing ideas for nurseries

Shutters are the perfect window treatment for nursery room windows.

They’re easy to keep clean, have no dangling cords for babies to pull at which pose a hazard, and they’ll regulate light quickly and easily at the touch of a slat. When you put your baby down for a nap, there's no loud draw of curtains or fiddling with blinds, the simple touch of a slat will reduce light entering the room so your baby will sleep soundly.

Shutter blinds are an excellent baby room décor addition as they provide an extra layer of insulation and noise reduction that can filter through windows, not to mention they are one of the most sought-after, stylish window dressings for the home and are timeless as your baby grows older. Why not use them to add a block of colour too your baby room décor, too? Match to a shade picked up from wallpaper or a rug, or contrast with plain white walls.

2. Child-friendly wallpaper ideas

Choose an attention-grabbing design to brighten a nursery and opt for window dressing that doesn't clash against pattern. A set of shutters in a complimentary shade like Silk White, Alabaster or Bisque will ensure the room still feels rested. If the room’s small and all-over pattern’s overpowering, just cover one wall and then use toning paint colours on the other three.

3. Colour schemes for a nursery

Worried about too many clashing patterns for your baby room décor? How about going for graphic monochrome designs. With this backdrop, it’s easy to add colourful accents with accessories and the look will grow timelessly as your baby grows older.

White cot with elephant print blanket in nursery

4. Pick open nursery storage

Make a nursery cheerful with storage that leaves items on display. A raised cube like this one makes things easy to grab and simple to tidy away again at the end of the day.

5. Opt for toddler-proof flooring

They aren't long staying babies so make sure you opt for flooring that stands the test of time in your little one's nursery. Choosing a soft and stain-resistant carpet for a new nursery will have tactile appeal and protect your child from bumps that hard floors can challenge. Prefer wipeable hard flooring instead? You can still soften and zone areas with a rug. Bright and bold motif rugs are both cheerful, dry cleanable and easily changed.

6. Nursery box room ideas

If you're using a small room for your nursery, don't worry. Here are our tips on how to fit everything your baby will need into a box room nursery.

Adding wall shelving will provide extra storage without filling up precious floor space in small rooms. Shelving is also ideal for clothing when they’re tiny, so you don't have to worry about getting a large wardrobe.

Another space-saving solution is finding dual-purpose furniture, such as a chest of drawers with a changing mat on top.

7. Think differently on colour

When it comes to nursery decor colour schemes, white and wood finishes are popular in other areas of the home and they look great, but how about a painted finish for nursery furniture? This Seagreen shade looks fresh. If you’re not buying new, a coat of paint is a great way to revive secondhand furniture, too.

Signal grey wooden window shutters in traditional nursery

Oakland Cafe Style Shutters in Traffic White

8. Pick buys to last

Invest in nursery furniture that’s adaptable to make your budget go further. This cot converts into a toddler bed when your little one grows older and, when even that stage is past, a cute sofa.

9. Try nursery wall stickers

If you like the idea of neutral painted walls so the room can be easily updated as your little one grows, try wall stickers. It's a quick and easy baby room décor idea to liven up the space without long-term commitment. They’re also a lot speedier to put up than wallpaper.

10. Select subtle shades

To add interest to a nursery without being tied to a rigid theme, let the colour palette be the link between the elements of the scheme. This blue elephant print, for example, would work beautifully alongside other tones of blue from dark to pale on walls, rug and accessories.

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