Bring Feng Shui into the Bedroom

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If you’re looking to up your bedroom’s Zen, harnessing the power of Feng Shui can work wonders.


This ancient Chinese practice focuses on arranging spaces to promote positive energy flow, harmony, and overall balance within your home.


So, with that in mind, we’ve jotted down some of our top tips to infuse your bedroom with its own sense of Feng Shui.

Optimise your layout

Start by positioning your bed diagonally across from the door to maximise visual command and invite plenty of positive energy into the space.


Avoid placing the bed directly in line with the door, as this can disrupt energy flow and foster restlessness. This basic principle is the perfect starting point to achieve your Feng Shui bedroom layout.

Sonnie Hiles Dhfhtkecn7q Unsplash

Feng Shui bedroom colours

Choose calming, balanced colours for your bedroom décor. Soft hues like serene blues, gentle greens, and warm neutrals will promote relaxation and tranquility.


Incorporating these colours into your bedding, wall paint, and décor can enhance the Feng Shui of your space without costing you a small fortune.

Embrace natural light

By allowing natural light to flood your bedroom during the day, you’ve got a surefire way to uplift your spirits and promote vitality.


However, at night it's essential to create a cocoon of darkness to support restful and rejuvenating sleep.


DIY shutters offer the perfect solution, allowing you to easily control light levels and maintain privacy. More on that shortly.

Improve air circulation

Keep your bedroom well-ventilated to promote the flow of positive energy.


Windows should be airy, bright spaces, so it’s important to have a window dressing that aligns with this principle.


Our shutters provide an elegant and practical solution, allowing you to adjust ventilation while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere throughout the day.

Embrace nature

Incorporate elements of nature into your bedroom décor to evoke feelings of peace and serenity.


Consider adding potted plants, natural wood furniture, or soothing water features to connect with the Earth's energy and enhance your well-being.

A neutral decorated bedroom with Natural Stained tier on tier wooden shutters

Oakland tier on tier natural stained

Feng Shui shutters

Our various shutter collections are the perfect companion piece for your new Feng Shui bedroom layout.


Our Sacramento full height solid panel shutters offer excellent blackout, providing a look that’s traditional and refined. Plus, they provide excellent light reduction for a serene and soothing night’s sleep.


For something a little more modern, LA urban full height faux wood shutters are sleek and elegant. With their clean lines and flush-close mechanism, they provide the perfect combination of style and functionality. This allows you to boost the energy flow in your bedroom while enjoying the utmost privacy and comfort.

Find your style

Experience the transformative power of Feng Shui in your bedroom with California Shutters and shop our collections today.


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