Budget Decor Ideas for Your First Christmas in Your New Home

Traffic White tier on tier wooden shutters in Christmas living room

Budget decor ideas for Christmas

If you’ve just moved home, then there’s a fair chance you’re watching the pennies with laser-like focus. After all, moving home is an expensive endeavour, much like the forthcoming Yuletide season. There’s so much spending to consider, from travel to presents to food, so saving a few pounds where possible can be the difference between a happy Christmas and, well, a somewhat more stressful one.

Well, we’re here to make sure the latter prospect doesn’t get a look in, by offering a few money-saving home décor tips and tricks for the Christmas period.

DIY Christmas Door Wreath

For the first Christmas in your new home decoration is super important. You may only have recently finished packing and started to settle in. When better to solidify your newfound homeliness than during the cosiest and most family-orientated time of year?

A door wreath is the very first thing you – and your guests – will be greeted by upon arriving at your home. So why not make it extra special (and affordable) by making your own? For the most budget-friendly wreath, grab your boots and head out into the fields or a nearby park. Holly, pinecones, twigs and sprigs all make for a perfect garnish to your wonderful wreath. And they don’t have to cost you a penny. 

Traffic White tier on tier wooden shutters in Christmas living room

Berkeley Tier on Tier shutters in Traffic White

Christmas tree decor on a budget

This one is fun, practical, and it’s great for getting the kids involved – both big and small. There are tonnes of ways to make your own Christmas tree decorations. Collect some pinecones from the garden and spray them in your colour of choice. Grab some coloured paper and cut it into any shape you like. You can even make edible decorations in the form of Christmas macaroons or gingerbread men. The possibilities are endless.

Affordable Christmas Tree Ideas

There’s something about bringing the outside in that just feels like Christmas. At California Shutters, we’re particularly partial to adorning the tables with mini trees. If this sounds like a lot of work, then fear not, because it takes next to no time at all. In fact, if you enjoy real fir trees like us, then you’re already halfway there. Simply take a few cuttings from your tree and place them in their own little pots. You can even add a bauble or two if you’re feeling fancy.

Create Your Own Christmas Centrepiece

Christmas dinner just isn’t the same without a striking centrepiece. However, one needn’t fork out a sizable chunk of the seasonal budget for this. Why not express yourself and bring your own personality to the forefront? There is no hard and fast rule for what makes a great centrepiece, but you can’t go wrong with things like baubles, dried fruit, sprigs, pinecones, and candles.

Christmas door wreath

Treat Your Windows This Christmas

If you’re seeking an affordable way to adorn your windows this Christmas, then look no further than wooden shutters. Our DIY shutters will save you up to 50% against other measure and install service, and they have a raft of other benefits too. They help with light and privacy management, they fit perfectly on any window, plus they insulate the home, helping save you money on your energy bills. All that, and they look fabulous – but you already knew that.

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