How to Create the Perfect Family Snug

White Grained wooden shutters on light grey wall in living room

More grown up than a playroom and the ideal chill-out space for the whole family, a snug is a must-have room for anyone who loves to relax in style…

Let the colour scheme set the scene

It doesn’t matter whether your designated snug is a big or small room, or the corner of an open-plan space that you’re dividing, the colour you choose for your walls should be calming and (ideally) dark to make the space feel inviting – think greys, blues, browns and greens. Since you’ll probably spend most of your time in this room in the evenings, it’s worth checking colour swatches at night. Don’t forget to choose flooring that’s practical, too (for all that popcorn the kids will be throwing about), but add layers of luxury with deep pile rugs.

Choose practical window dressings

If your kids like to watch TV or game in the day (or you like catching up with an omnibus or two at the weekend), you’ll welcome window dressings that keep the daylight out – or at least diffused. Shutters are the obvious choice because they do both these jobs brilliantly, plus they’re easy to keep clean and put a stop to chilly draughts, meaning the snug will feel… well, snug all year round.

Snow White faux wood tier on tier shutters in modern living room

San Francisco Snow White Tier on Tier Shutters

Sort the furniture

Good storage is a must-have in a snug because you’re more than likely to have to house everything from consoles to DVDs – and maybe the odd book or two. Open shelving is a practical buy, but add in some decorative items to keep the space looking attractive and add doors if you don’t think you (or more likely, the kids) will keep it tidy. Clutter isn’t relaxing... As for what to sit on, an L-shaped sofa – or one with a chaise longue attached – makes for a sociable space. Consider picking a sofabed if it’s likely the room will double up as a sleepover space. And don’t forget to add in the odd easy chair for fidgets.

Get the lighting right

If you're looking for the cosy hygge decor style, dimmable and/or low level lighting will make the room easier to relax in than overhead pendants. If you’re not renovating the room from scratch, you can get the same effect easily with dimmable table lamps and directional wall lights. If the room has a fireplace, install a wood burner (or an electric version) and make space for candles, too, to create a room that’s more inviting still.

Snow White faux wood shutters with navy wall and armchair

San Francisco Snow White Cafe Style Shutters

Add layers of comfort

Cushions and throws in chunky knits, velvet or faux fur will make the room look and feel luxurious and comfortable, so pile them on. And don’t forget, deep pile rugs, tons of cushions and soft furnishings will all help absorb the noise of the TV. Enough said.

Invest in a big screen

Whatever your best intentions, chances are you’re likely to spend quite a lot of time watching TV, particularly if yours is a dedicated snug… so invest in a big screen. If your room is open-plan or a large room you’ve divided into different zones, keep the TV on a low piece of furniture and paint the wall behind a dark colour – that way, it will blend away into the background. TVs hung high on pale coloured walls tend to dominate a space – and not in a good way.