How to Decorate Your Baby’s Nursery

Vivid White full height shutters in kids bedroom with a split tilt

Whether it’s your first or fifth time, preparing for your little one is an exciting and joyful experience, but it’s a lot of work too. Apart from making sure you’re fully baby-proofed and stocked with the necessary provisions, there’s the nursery to think about.


From choosing how to decorate the baby cot to selecting baby nursery window treatments, every detail matters in creating a cosy space for the newest addition to your family.


Luckily, we’re here to wade through the noise and offer a few practical – and stylish – tips of our own.

Paint Creatively

There are some areas of the home in which it’s best to be conservative; the nursery is not one of them.


Bright and bold pops of colour don’t just look fab – they actually aid with your baby’s brain development. Don’t believe us? Well, studies have shown that contrasting colours send strong signals to a baby’s brain to aid with brain growth and visual development.


Plus, colour has a very real impact on mood, behaviour, sleep, memory, and overall health. So, get your paint pots out and express yourself. While your baby won’t have the words to thank you, we’re certain they would if they could.

The Cot

Selecting the right cot for your baby's nursery is a crucial decision. It should be safe, comfortable, and suit your space. Modern cots offer sleek design, convenience, and durability with features like adjustable mattress heights and convertible options.


Traditional cots however, provide classic charm, warmth, and customisation options with elegant designs and natural wood finishes. It's also important that you're using a bay-safe paint for cots.


Consider your nursery theme, personal preferences, and practical needs when choosing between modern and traditional cot designs.

Grab a Pew

As a new parent, you'll spend countless hours in your baby's nursery, especially during those initial months. S, when you decorate a nursery, creating a comfortable space for yourself is essential. A stylish and cosy chair is a must-have.


A plush chair with soft cushions and supportive armrests provides a comfortable spot for breastfeeding, reading, soothing your baby, or simply taking a moment of relaxation.


Opt for a chair that complements the nursery décor and offers ample space for you to sit, snuggle, and bond with your little one in comfort and style.

Nursery Window Treatments

Finding the right baby nursery window treatments can be a bit tricky. You need something that’ll be durable, lightweight, safe, and helps with light management. Well, that’s where bedroom window shutters come in. Plantation shutters are the ideal nursery window treatment for several reasons:

Light Management
New-borns and toddlers alike need plenty of darkness to get to sleep, which also means that you’ll get to sleep. A set of well-fitting shutters will block out almost all light, helping your little one nod off in no time.

Safety is key when it comes to nursery window treatments. Shutters have plenty of features that make them the ideal solution. They’re lightweight, hard to reach, and will always remain firmly closed.

Add Some Colour
As mentioned above, children love colour. In shutters, you’ll have a nursery window treatment that’s super diverse, with various paints, stains, and limewash finishes in California Shutters’ collection.

Still Have Questions?

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