How to Get the Japandi Interior Design Look

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Welcome to the world of Japandi – where Scandinavian and Japanese design styles combine to create something that’s at once new and familiar.

It may seem strange at first to marry the styles of two regions that are thousands of miles apart.

But the fact is, it’s a marriage made in heaven, which is why we thought we’d talk you through one of our favourite interior design trends of the last couple of decades.

What is Japandi interior design?

As mentioned above, Japandi is a combo of Japanese and Scandinavian design styles. But what does this mean?

Japandi interior design is all about tranquility, functionalism, and discarding the unnecessary. Core tenets include simplicity, natural elements, cosiness, and sustainability.

However, to truly understand Japandi interior design, you have to grasp two core concepts: wabi-sabi and hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah).

Let us explain. And don’t worry – you don’t need a philosophy degree for this.

A neutral decorated bedroom with Honey Stained tier on tier wooden shutters

Oakland tier on tier shutters

Wabi-sabi and hygge

Wabi-sabi is a philosophy that has origins in China but evolved many centuries ago into a distinctly Japanese worldview.

Simply put, wabi-sabi embraces the beauty in the imperfect and the virtue in the impermanence found in nature. Wabi-sabi aesthetics include roughness, simplicity, modesty, and asymmetry. It’s all about keeping things simple.

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word. It doesn’t really have an English equivalent, but it’s all about embracing the feeling of comfort, cosiness, and well-being. Think warm lighting, soft, textured fabrics, and natural elements like wood and plants.

Get the Japandi look

Creating a Japandi-inspired space is all about balance. Start with a neutral canvas – soft whites, gentle greys, and earthy tones. They’ll form the backdrop of your space, upon which you can slowly build your perfect relaxing space.

Don’t forget the natural elements either. Blend in light woods, bamboo, and stone to keep your space grounded in the core ideals of wabi-sabi and hygge.

And remember to use furniture that combines form and function while embracing a less-is-more approach. Anything that’s unnecessary is, well, unnecessary.

Japandi furniture ideas

When choosing Japandi furniture, think sleek lines, neutral colors, and natural materials. Opt for pieces that combine light wooden tones with clean, simple silhouettes.

Low-profile sofas, open shelving units, and bamboo or rattan accents fit perfectly within this aesthetic. The key is to choose furniture that not only looks serene and uncluttered but also offers practical, cosy functionality.

A neutral living room with Silk White tier on tier faux wood shutters

San Francisco tier on tier shutters

The Japandi colour palette

When choosing your colours, keep it natural and neutral. There’s a time and a place for bombast, but it isn’t now. When you step into your Japandi-inspired space, you want to evoke a sense of tranquility and nature.

Japandi wall colour play a crucial role in setting the mood. Colours like gentle greys, warm whites, and subtle greens complement minimalist furniture and up the serene vibes. Perfect for Japandi designs.

For a well-rounded Japandi colour palette, stick with muted tones like creams, taupes, beige, and stone. Try to avoid anything too bright. Remember, it’s all about balance and subtly. Nothing should be too eye-catching.

Shutters for Japandi interiors

The stunning simplicity of shutters perfectly aligns with the clean lines of Japandi interiors.

Their adjustable slats allow you to control the exact amount of natural light that comes into your home. Perfect for creating the quintessential ambience of Japandi décor.

You won’t be stuck for colours, either. Our faux wood shutters are available in two soft whites, while our hardwood collections come in a range of creams, greys, and natural wood stains.

If you’re ready to start creating your perfect Japandi-inspired space, why not start with shutters? Browse our shutter collections today and finish – or start – the look for less.