Interior Design Ideas for a Teenager’s Bedroom

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Interior design ideas for a teenager's bedroom

Figuring out the interior design for a teenager’s bedroom is no mean feat. Whether it’s their evolving tastes, creative energy, or tendency towards, well, being a bit messy, there’s a lot to wrestle with.

A teenagers’ bedroom isn’t just where they sleep – it’s their social hub and their private sanctuary. That makes for a delicate balance of function and style.

To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve created this super quick guide to share some tips for decorating your teen's bedroom.

Trend-proof décor for a teen's bedroom

We all remember what it was like to be a teenager. Today’s flavour of the month is tomorrow’s, “I can’t believe I was into that.” So, if you’re designing a teenager’s bedroom decor, play it safe by avoiding fleeting trends.

Choose foundational elements like neutral or muted pastel wall colours and classic furniture for a well-rounded and timeless look.

Want to infuse the room with a bit more personality? Removable features like throw pillows, artwork, and other accessories can be easily swapped as their tastes evolve.

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Create a social space

Your teenage years are some of the most social years of your life. Creating a bedroom that’s a social hub (with the doors open of course) means you can create a space that’s safe for them and their friends.

If the room is big enough, consider creating a designated cosy corner with comfy seating and a splash of colour. Bean bags, floor cushions, or a stylish seating area can transform their room into the perfect movie night or study group spot.

Tidy storage ideas for teenagers

Let’s face it: things can get a bit messy in a teenager’s bedroom. This makes effective storage solutions non-negotiable.

The mystery of how they accumulate so must stuff is one that isn’t easily unraveled, but you can at least keep the clutter at bay.

Go with functional furniture with storage compartments, pack things under the bed, and utilise all of the vertical space with versatile shelving units.

It might not always be 100% tidy, but it will be tidier.

A modern neutral bedroom with Honey Stained full height wooden shutters

Berkeley full height shutters

Teen-friendly bedroom window dressings

It won’t surprise you to learn that DIY shutters are our top choice for dressing your teen’s windows, but hear us out:

Style with substance
Plantation shutters effortlessly blend style and functionality. Their clean lines complement various design themes, from minimalist to eclectic.

Light and privacy
The slats allow you to control the amount of natural light entering a space, creating a laid-back atmosphere for studies or relaxation.

Teenagers have a penchant for spontaneity, so durability matters. Shutters are designed to withstand knocks and bumps. Our faux wood collections are even 100% waterproof.

Get them involved
Our shutters are surprisingly simple to install. DIY installation empowers them to take charge of their space and instills a sense of accomplishment.

Interior design for a teenager’s room doesn’t have to be a struggle. Get started today by browsing our shutter collections or checking out our measuring guides.