Interior vs Exterior Window Shutters

Honey Stained wooden interior shutters

When looking into whether shutters are the right window solution for you, you'll come across two types: exterior and interior window shutters. Though visually similar, the two shutter options provide different benefits to the home. To ensure you make the right choice, we have explored the differences between exterior and interior designs below.

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What is the difference between interior and exterior shutters?

Exterior shutters are placed on the outside of a property. Commonly seen in countries with warmer climates such as those in the Mediterranean, shutters are usually installed for décor purposes, but also to protect the windows from harsh tropical storms.

Interior shutters, on the other hand, are installed within the home and feature adjustable louvres that allow ultimate flexibility. Great for those who suffer from lack of privacy in street or neighbour facing rooms, harsh sunlight, and more, internal shutters will prove to be a multifunctional option that will best benefit UK homes and provides many window shutter styles.

Honey Stained wooden interior shutters

Oakland Honey Stained Full Height Shutters

What can interior window shutters provide that exterior can’t?

Exterior shutters typically do not have any moveable features such as slats. They only have hinges on the doors to allow you to open and close as you wish. However, differently, internal shutters feature fully adjustable louvres that will allow you to control sunlight, maintain privacy, ventilate or insulate the home and more. Will exterior shutters suit my home in the UK?

Created for a particular style of home, exterior shutters may look very out of place if not installed on a property that already has a rustic or Mediterranean style. A top tip would be to assess your home’s architecture and visualise how exterior shutters would look before making a decision.

Will my home suit interior window shutters?

A major benefit from installing interior window shutters is that they are incredibly versatile and can complement any style. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional aesthetic, the different size louvres and colour options will enable you to beautifully refresh your home.