Louvered vs Solid Shutters

A children's bedroom with Natural Stained solid raised wooden shutters

Choosing between louvered and solid window shutters can really influence the style and functionality of your home. This guide will simplify the choice between these two popular window covering options, helping you find your home’s perfect shutters in no time.

A modern kitchen with Honey Stained full height wooden shutters

Oakland full height shutters - Honey stained

The benefits of louvered shutters

Louvered shutters come with adjustable slats, allowing you to control light and privacy easily. They’re a versatile window covering option, and they're ideal for those who enjoy a blend of sunlight and shade throughout the day. Our collections include:


San Jose and San Francisco: Made from UK-manufactured, waterproof faux wood, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere else for that matter.


Berkeley and Oakland: Crafted from paulownia hardwood, they’re lightweight, durable, and available in a range of colours and finishes. They give you the flexibility to fit with any décor.


These DIY louvered shutters are quickly becoming the UK’s favourite window treatments because, well, who doesn’t love a perfect blend of form and function?

The benefits of solid window shutters

Inspired by the solid window shutters of medieval England, solid shutters offer complete privacy and add an elegant touch to your home.


They're great for home insulation and offer a timeless look that complements any room.


Known as our Sacramento collection, they’re made from durable paulownia hardwood, making them robust, lightweight, and a beautiful statement that will add the wow factor to any home.

A children's bedroom with Cream solid raised wooden shutters

Sacramento full height shutters - Cream

Choosing between louvered and solid shutters

Choosing between louvered and solid shutters depends on your personal style and practical needs:


For light and privacy: Louvered shutters are the way to go. They offer the flexibility to adjust lighting and privacy levels.


For a cosy ambiance: Solid shutters are ideal. They provide maximum privacy and home insulation, perfect for bedrooms and private spaces.


For the traditional look: Choose solid shutters. They’re inspired by the shutters found back in the day.


For a modern home: The choice is yours! The beauty of plantation shutters is, they are what you make of them. They’ll blend seamlessly with any space, so whether you’re after louvered shutters or solid window shutters, you can’t go wrong.

Why California Shutters?

We offer a diverse range of both louvered and solid shutters, ensuring there's something for everyone. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or simply want to see your windows’ full potential, we’ve you covered.


Shop our shutter collections today and find the shutters to finish your home's story.