Modern Window Treatment Ideas for your Home

Cream wooden window shutters in home office

Modern Window Treatment Ideas

When it comes to interior decoration and design, windows are one of the most important features in a space. Making the home liveable, windows are the go-to solution when it comes to using the natural world to control daylight and temperature, as well as home privacy.

Window treatments go through styles and trends like all other home decor trends. Here's our guide to modern window dressings that won't go out of style any time soon. 

Double layered olive curtains in home office

Modern window dressing options

However, all too often windows are considered only for their function and not their form. Commonly overlooked when it comes to interior design, many homeowners make do with general dressing solutions, instead of seeking modern window treatment ideas that will prove practical and instil character into the home, no matter the style.

Modern curtain styles

When it comes to window privacy ideas, curtains are the first thing that comes to mind, they suit both large and small windows. A more affordable choice, curtains can be chosen off the peg to a pre-set size or tailored to fit a particular space. Available in a range of fabric colours, styles and patterns, curtains are a popular modern house window treatment.

Laptop infront of grey blinds

Stylish blinds

Blinds are often a popular choice due to being a quick and affordable solution. Offered in a variety of designs, materials and shades, blinds can enhance an interior whilst providing window privacy when closed and allowing light through when open.

Timeless shutter blinds

Alternatively, for those looking for increased durability and a timeless look, modern window shutters are the go-to solution. Shutters can be fitted to any window, while their adjustable louvres serve some unique functions such as the ability to control home privacy, natural light, sound and more.

Unlike curtains, they're a great solution when it comes to window privacy ideas, as they can provide almost total privacy while still ushering in plenty of sunlight. Unlike blinds, our perfect shutters have no hanging cords, so they will prevent any potential hazards, making them great for kids’ bedrooms.

Aside from their function, plantation shutters help to boost the aesthetics of a home. If you thought it was just curtains that could be chosen to match a room’s colour scheme, think again. Our shutters are available in a range of colours, from subtle shades to bold primary colours, and you can also choose from full height shutters, cafe style, tier-on-tier, and solid window shutters, depending on your preference.

Cream wooden window shutters in home office

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