What Are the Different Types of Plantation Shutters?

Vivid White bay window wooden shutters in neutral bedroom

The types of windows shutters

When reading about types of plantation shutters, what is the image that appears in your head? Perhaps it’s a bathroom window decked in pristine white slatted shutters, gently dampening the sunlight on a summer morning. Or maybe it’s a quiet room on a rainy day, with shutters closed to keep out the hiss of the rain.

It could be either, both, or none at all, because while many people may have an idea of how plantation shutters could look in their home, some still wonder what are the different types of shutters.

The main types of shutters are:

  • Full height
  • Tier-on-tier
  • Cafe style
  • Solid
  • Shutter blinds


There's a type of shutter to suit any home, each of which brings its own distinctive look, as well as a diverse range of benefits, too.

Full Height shutters

  • Timeless look
  • Light, heat and noise control

Full height shutters are arguably the most recognisable style of shutters and the one that might pop into your mind first when you consider how plantation shutters would look in a space. Simply put, they run the full height of a window, whether it’s a bay window in a townhouse, French doors or a small bathroom window. They’re available in a range of colour finishes and natural wood grain too, and with full height shutters, you can control the amount of light, noise and heat let in with its adjustable louvres.

Snow White faux wood shutters with cream and black armchair

Full height White Shutters

Cafe Style shutters

  • Covers lower half of window only
  • Plenty of privacy

While they’re similar to full height shutters, cafe style shutters have the added benefit of privacy and sunlight. Only covering the lower half of the window, café-style shutters can allow you to control privacy in street-facing rooms whilst allowing maximum light to flow through. For those looking for the benefits of shutters from both a function and a design perspective, but don’t want or need to shut out the outside world entirely, cafe style shutters are a brilliant solution.

Traffic White cafe style wooden shutters in dining room

Berkeley Cafe Style Traffic White Shutters

Tier on Tier shutters

  • Top and bottom half open independently
  • Increased practicality

If you’re after a bit more in the way of controlling the levels of light, noise and heat, go for tier-on tier-shutters. A great option for those looking for an array of benefits, tier-on-tier shutters will allow maximum flexibility. Simply put, with tier-on-tier shutters, each half can be opened independently. Fully open, fully closed, or half and half – the decision is yours.

Half Solid Raised shutters

  • Traditional look
  • Flexibility

Half solid raised shutters are, as the name suggests, a great solution for those looking for the traditional look of solid raised shutters with some added practicality. Solid shutters take up the bottom half of the window, with slats on top, meaning you can have the best of both worlds – a traditional look, increased privacy, and the flexibility of more light and heat when you need it.

Vivid White wooden solid raised cafe style shutters

Solid Raised shutters

  • Traditional look
  • Maximum light reduction

With no slats, solid raised shutters offer insulating top to bottom window coverage that’s private, elegant and practical at the same time. Solid raised shutters are our top shutter style for maximum light reduction, noise reduction AND heat insulation.These classic shutters are also perfect if you’re looking to complement a period home or match your existing original solid shutters, commonly found in Edwardian and Georgian properties.

If you're unsure which type of plantation shutter is right for you and your home, our friendly staff are happy to help. Why not send in a photo of your windows and they can advise you on the most suited style for your home. Get in touch via Live Chat or email [email protected]