The noise reduction benefits of shutter blinds

Honey Stained wooden solid raised shutters in children's bedroom

How to block out external noise in your home

Outdoor noise can ruin the ambience of your home and prove to be distracting when trying to relax or sleep. However, the installation of stylish yet practical shutters will help to reduce external noises and ensure your space is a restful escape from the outside world.

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Which window covering is best for noise reduction?

Window shutters are much better at blocking out noises than other window coverings, like blinds and curtains.

If the noise that enters the home isn't too harsh, we would suggest looking at full-height and tier-on-tier shutter styles. However, if you live on a busy city road that experiences constant loud noise, consider beautiful solid shutters. The solid panelled doors will be able to block out most sounds when closed, allowing your home to be a peaceful space, as well as keeping your rooms insulated, therefore reducing energy bills.

Will louvred shutters help to keep my house quiet?

Yes! Full-height and tier-on-tier louvred shutters feature moveable slats that can be adjusted to suit your exact practical requirements. If your street is noisy, the louvres can be closed to act as a second barrier on the window, which makes it harder for sound to travel into your home. This also makes them an excellent blackout window treatment option.

Do wooden shutter blinds block road noise?

Yes, wooden shutters block the road noise from entering your home, for a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in your home. Window shutters work just as well in cancelling the road noise from entering inside as blinds and curtains, offering the same noise reduction abilities. The modern specification of plantation shutters designs makes them excel in their ability to block road noise, including elements like tightly-fitted seals and the high-quality shutter slat materials. This design makes them better at reducing external noises than other window treatments. Bedroom shutters are the perfect choice when it comes to noise reduction.

Can you get noise-cancelling shutters?

No, you can't get noise-cancelling window shutters, but our shutter blinds are incredibly good at reducing noise.

Unlike other window coverings such as curtains and blinds, plantation shutters are fixed to the perimeter of the window and will allow much less sound to travel inside.

Honey Stained wooden solid raised shutters in children's bedroom

Sacramento Full Height Shutters in Honey Stained

How to stop outside noises from keeping me awake at night

Go for solid plantation shutters if you want to stop noises from outdoors from keeping you awake during the night. Made from solid hardwood and covering the entire expanse of the window, these bedroom window shutters reduce noise to allow for a restful night's sleep.