Why Window Shutters are Perfect for Tudor Houses

Vivid White wooden shutters on splayed bay with cream sofa

In British streets the length and breadth of the country, you’ll find classic Georgian and Victorian terraced townhouses. They're two styles that have remained popular with homeowners across generations. Similarly, if you're lucky enough to live in a town or city with a significant Tudor heritage, you’ll have noticed this period’s signature architectural style on homes, pubs and more.

A common design feature of Tudor houses – and one that exploded into popularity in the Georgian and Victorian periods – is the bay window. Indeed, for many, the first image they’ll call to mind when they hear the phrase ‘bay window’ is a set of classic Georgian shutters on a generous bay window looking out onto a quintessential British street scene.

Shutters for Tudor style windows

And while the bay window is a staple of Victorian and Georgian townhouse, so too are oriel bay windows a hallmark of a classic Tudor buildings. Just think of those exposed dark wood beams carving a path through white painted mortar, and you’ll see immediately how beautiful plantation shutters could look on the inside of a bay or casement window.

Many Tudor houses are filled with windows and doors that are beautifully unique. That’s something that should be celebrated – and it’s certainly not something that should stop fitting your own set of Tudor shutters.

White Grained wooden shutters on sash window in living room

Berkeley Tier on Tier shutters in White Grained

Find your look with Tudor shutters

If the dream is a Tudor house with shutters, you might be pleased to know that our range of DIY shutters are made to measure, so the challenge of a tricky window is one that plantation shutters can happily stand up to.

So, if you've been musing over how to change the look of a Tudor style house without ruining the aesthetic, you've found your answer.

Our shutters blend perfect with Tudor style windows. Where it's café style shutters, solid shutters, full height, or tier-on-tier, you can't go wrong.

They come in a range of finishes and styles too. Lean into the heritage look with solid shutters and play off your black-painted wooden beams with black painted shutters. The choice is yours.

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