Will Window Shutters Insulate Your Home?

Updated San Jose Full Height Snow White

When it comes to home decor, a blend of style and functionality is key. Aesthetics are great, but there must be balance. That’s where insulated shutters come in.

Offering a solution that’s both elegant and efficient, high quality window shutters are the perfect way to transform your space into a haven of warmth and class.

A warm welcome to insulated shutters

Sure, shutters look great; we know this. But do shutters keep heat in well? Well, you might be surprised to learn that shutters can improve insulation by upwards of 60%!

That’s because they act as a barrier against cold, thanks to their solid build and snug fit. With our insulated shutters, you can say goodbye to draughts.

Updated San Jose Full Height Snow White

San Jose full height in snow white

Shutters vs. blinds and curtains

Are plantation shutters good for insulation even when compared to blinds and curtains?

Most definitely.

While curtains and blinds do insulate too, they don’t measure up to shutters. That’s because made-to-measure shutters are made to the exact specifications of your window. This gives you a snug and cosy fit – every time.

Choosing the most insulating material

The choice of material for your plantation shutters is important to give you the best insulation for your home as possible.

Wooden shutters (see our Berkeley and Oakland shutter collections) are known for their natural insulating properties, combining classic elegance with efficiency.

For a more resistant option, our UK-made faux wood shutters (San Jose and San Francisco collections) provide excellent insulation while being 100% waterproof.

A modern kitchen with Cream full height wooden shutters

Oakland full height in cream

Finding your style

Style is important too.

Full-height shutters offer maximum insulation and energy efficiency for your rooms, covering your window completely.

Alternatively, tier-on-tier shutters provide more flexibility, allowing you to adjust lighting and warmth as needed.

For complete coverage and our most energy efficient window treatment, the traditionally-inspired Sacramento range (solid shutters) have solid panels for optimum insulation.

Keeping your home warm

We want your special space to be inviting and impactful in equal measure. That’s why our insulated window shutters are designed to blend practical insulation with aesthetic beauty.

With California Shutters, you're not just enhancing your home's warmth but you're also elevating its style.

Explore our collection today and discover our range of insulated shutters.