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Kitchen shutters

So you’re looking to install shutters in your kitchen?

May we just say: excellent choice! Shutters are undoubtedly the most stylish and practical dressing for a kitchen window. We’ve put together the following guide to arm you with all the information you need to go ahead and measure, fit and love kitchen shutters.

Kitchen shutters

Before you get started, we recommend getting some free samples ordered so you can get an idea of how they look and feel whilst reading this guide. It takes 2 minutes to request them and just 2 days until they land on your doormat (and they’re absolutely free). Then come back here and read on!

Why opt for kitchen shutters?

Quite simply, no other window dressing really works in a kitchen. When space is at a premium and windowsills tend to be either covered in trinkets or in close proximity to taps and so on, you want something sturdy, easy to clean and taking up minimal space. This is why shutters are perfect for a kitchen. They offer both privacy and light control, meaning no more glare from the sun while cooking or washing up, can be fitted right up against the window and take up less room than curtains or blinds. Most importantly of all, they look super stylish and can breathe new life into any kitchen. Plus, your windows will be the envy of all who visit and see them!

White kitchen shutters

Which shutter styles best suit kitchens?

This depends on a number of factors such as the size of your kitchen and its windows, your interior style, how much light you’re looking to block out and so on. As you can see from the image above, we think that cafe style shutters (those covering just the bottom half of the window) work wonderfully in a kitchen. They allow you to maintain privacy whilst allowing plenty of light in from the top. They’re effortlessly minimalistic too, meaning they won’t take up much space nor detract from other statement kitchen features such as range cookers, Belfast sinks, breakfast bars and so forth. If you’ve a bit more space to play with, or are looking to dress a set of French doors leading out onto your patio or garden, we’ve seen some examples of full height shutters being used to great effect. If in doubt, email a photo of your kitchen window or door to our team of experts here and we’ll advise on the ideal style to opt for. Take a look at our Product & Technical Specification. 

Which material is best for kitchen shutters?

We get asked this question a lot and our answer is always the same: if your kitchen is well ventilated and you don’t anticipate the shutters coming into direct contact with water, then Affordable Hybrawood is the one to go for. This durable shutter, made from quality hardwood with a tough aluminium core on all the slats, is our most popular owing to its wide range of colour choices, great value and lightweight design. Waterproof shutters are only really required in very humid kitchens and when water will come into direct contact with them.

Are kitchen shutters easy to measure and fit?

They certainly are! You measure your window(s) the same as any other and then follow our simple guides to install them. Measuring takes a matter of minutes and installing kitchen shutters onto a standard sized window as little as half an hour. Everything comes cut and finished to your exact specifications, with pre-drilled holes in the frame meaning you only need to snap it together, drill into your wall and slot the panels into place. All you’ll need is a measuring tape, drill, screwdriver and spirit level to get you from the ‘measure’ to the ‘fit’ and then ‘love’ stage. If you have even the slightest passing understanding of DIY, that is to say you’ve put together flatpack furniture before, then you can measure and fit shutters. And as always, our team of experts is here to help at every step of the way should you need it!

Which kitchen shutters do you recommend?

As we’ve already discussed, waterproof shutters aren’t necessarily needed unless the shutter is in an area of high humidity or in direct contact with water. Our Affordable Hybrawood material offers a level of toughness and durability that is ideal for kitchen shutters, as well as a range of different colours ranging from brilliant white to a bold black. Most of our customers opt for a white shutter as it complements any interior style brilliantly. We have a range of different shades to suit your needs.

Plantation shutters for kitchens

Can I fit shutters behind my kitchen tap?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. We have a range of frame depths which means that you can opt for a shallow frame should your taps be in close proximity to your window. If you’re planning to open your shutter panels then we can advise on a panel configuration - for example two panels opening to the left or right, one opening to the left and one to the right and so on - that will ensure you’ll have clearance to open the panels without taps getting in the way. If you anticipate water coming into contact with the shutters then we have a waterproof PVC variant for that very purpose. If you’re unsure, email a photo of the window, clearly showing the recess plus any obstructions, to our team and we’ll provide step by step instructions for choosing and fitting your dream kitchen shutters.