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Kitchen shutters

When it comes to kitchen window treatments, shutters make an ideal choice. Unlike kitchen blinds and drapes, which can get damp or retain smells, shutters are low maintenance, flexible and easy to wipe clean. 

Kitchen shutters
The beauty of kitchen shutters is the fact that they’re so simple to control. You can close and angle the slats for privacy, or open them to let the light flood in. If your kitchen looks out onto beautiful scenery, or you want to show off your garden, you can also fold your shutters back neatly against the wall for a full panoramic view.
Increased security
As shutters cover the whole window, they offer an extra level of security to your room. Many of our customers add a lock so they can leave their window open while keeping the house secure. This works especially well on balmy summer evenings, or if you leave your pet in the kitchen while you’re out.
A great design feature
Aside from all the practical benefits, there’s no denying that kitchen shutters look stunning and add style and character to your room. Whether you opt for painted wooden shutters, traditional solid panels or louvre shutters, it’s easy to make your kitchen window a real design feature.
Waterproof shutters for kitchens
Kitchen shutters
If your kitchen is humid, or your window is directly above your sink, you might want to consider our vinyl shutters or plastic plantation shutters. They look and feel just like wood, but they’re 100% waterproof, which means they won’t warp or shrink.
Need a hand?
Can’t decide between painted wooden shutters or vinyl shutters? Need a second opinion on your colour choice? Speak to our team who’ll be able to answer all your questions on shutters for kitchens.
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Question iconCommon questions answered 
I’m considering colourful shutters for a kitchen. Any advice?
Shutters are great at adding a splash of colour to your kitchen. If you have a neutral colour palette throughout the room, a bold colour on your window can look very striking. Red shutters are particularly popular in a kitchen, however with our painted wooden shutters, it’s easy to choose any colour you like.
Why are shutters good in kitchens?
In a nutshell, shutters in a kitchen make perfect sense. They’re stylish, hardwearing, secure, easy to clean and don’t retain dust, fat or odours.  
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