Measuring Non-Recessed Windows

This guide is suitable for standard non-recess windows. This can include sash windows or windows with frames that are flush to the wall.

What you’ll need

  • Steel tape measure
  • Pen or pencil 
  • Paper

How to check slat clearance

Measure the projection of the obstructions, such as window handles. Measure from the surface on which the shutter frame will be mounted (architrave, window frame or wall surrounding the window). 


0-9mm obstructions - choose the standard frame with any slat size

10-30mm obstructions - choose the large frame with any slat size 

31-40mm obstructions - choose the large frame with the 64mm slat size

40mm+ obstructions - contact us for advice before ordering

White sash window in living room

Find our how much it could cost to transform your non-recess window.

Provide your width and height to get an accurate price.