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Eco Shutters

Not only are shutters the most stylish and practical window dressing, but they’re also amongst the kindest to the planet too. Here we’ll talk you through what makes our shutters eco-friendly, how to choose, measure and fit them and in turn do your bit for the planet.

Sustainable shutters

What are eco shutters and why are they eco-friendly?

There are many factors that contribute to our shutters’ eco-friendly status. Firstly, the wood used to manufacture them is sourced from sustainable forests. Shutters themselves help to better insulate your home, meaning less energy is used to heat it. Indeed, a study found that by closing the shutters at dusk, Victorian and Georgian homes can almost completely eradicate heat lost through the windows. Can your curtains or blinds do that? We don’t think so!

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Eco-friendly window shutters

How we’re doing our bit

Sustainability starts at the source.. All of our standard delivery shutters are transported via sea rather than air, which massively reduces the carbon emissions and footprint required to get our shutters from the factory to you. What’s more, the packaging in which they’re housed is 75% recyclable cardboard so once you’ve installed your dream eco shutters you can dispose of the packaging responsibly.

We operate a fully online, digital customer relationship management system meaning that order details don’t need to be printed out, plus all of our measuring and installation guides are housed online too so you won’t need to print them! All the paper, cardboard and plastic used in our Brighton office and warehouse is recycled.

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Sustainable wooden shutters

Which shutter styles are the most eco-friendly?

All of our shutters are eco-friendly in one way or another - it just depends on what you’re looking to achieve and in what way you’re looking to be eco-friendly. For example, whilst our cafe style (half height) shutters use less wood than their full height counterparts and therefore have less of an impact on forests, you’ll likely use more energy to heat your home as half of the window will be left bare. Conversely, solid shutters are your best bet for insulating your windows to minimise energy use (and electricity bills). 

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Are eco friendly shutters easy to measure and fit?

You’ll be thrilled to know that it’s as easy to measure and fit your dream eco shutters as it is to help the planet by buying them. Even those with minimal DIY experience or knowledge should be able to do it themselves with ease. Get your window measurements right, which is a breeze thanks to our handy measuring guides, and the installation is a doddle. That’s because your eco shutters are made-to-measure to your exact specifications, meaning all you need to do is attach them to your window. And should you get stuck at any stage and for whatever reason, our team of shutter experts is on hand to talk you through it all. Find your window type on the link below and get measuring!

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Eco shutters

Which shutters do you recommend?

Shutters are so versatile that practically any configuration of style, colour and material can work in any room and with any interior look. Full height shutters in any shade of white are a safe bet and our most popular configuration. Choose solid shutters if you live in a Georgian property and want to benefit from a classic look and feel. We think that cafe style shutters suit wider windows and those in a bathroom. Slat size is an important consideration too - the larger the slat size the more light will enter the room with the slats open. These are ideal for large windows, whilst a smaller slat size works best for smaller windows. If you’re unsure, 76mm slats are a safe bet. As you configure your shutters from our shop page the various options you choose will be illustrated on the shutter image on your screen, which should give you a good idea as to how it’ll look. Again, if you want some expert advice, give our team a shout. But first, why not get inspired with some customer images below?

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Do eco shutters come in different colours?

Yes they do! We use a range of high quality paints and stains to help you achieve the interior look you’ve always dreamed of. Choose Affordable Wood Hybrid for 12 different neutral paints, or go bold with the California Collection available exclusively in our Smooth Hardwood range. View all of the colours we have available and order up to 2 free samples below.

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How can I order eco shutters?

That’s easy, and so satisfying. Once you’re happy with your window or door measurements, head to the link below to get the eco shutter ball rolling. Start by selecting a style and material and then configure by number and direction of panels, slat size, colour and so on. It’s all fairly self explanatory, however give the team a shout should you require assistance at any point. No orders go into production until we’ve personally given you a phone call to confirm all the details and to make any last minute changes that are needed. We’ve sold thousands upon thousands of eco shutters to DIY novices and experts alike, so rest assured you’re in safe hands with California Shutters.

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