Perfect Fit shutter blinds FAQs

Perfect Fit shutters can be fitted to uPVC windows only with a black seal or gasket (20-24mm depth).

They are usually the best option for inward opening or 'tilt and turn' uPVC windows due to not having a frame. 

You may also be able to have Perfect Fit shutters if you have a bay window or French doors, as long as they are uPVC with a suitable seal. 

Perfect Fit shutter blinds are frameless and fit directly onto uPVC windows using brackets, so they do look slightly different to classic DIY shutters from the inside.

However, they will look like traditional shutters from the outside of the property. 

We make our Perfect Fit shutter blinds from hollow, water-resistant PVC, right here in the UK. 

Once you've installed your Pasadena Perfect Fit shutter blinds, you'll be able to control the light by tilting the slats. When you open or close the window, the panel will stay fixed to the glass.

To clean your windows, simply unclip the Perfect Fit shutter blind panel and reattach it when you're finished.