How to create luxury hotel style

Lucy Searle 15/04/2015 09:56:13 DIY and How-to Guides

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Dress the window

If you’re planning a luxury hotel look for your home, what do you need to know? Well, we’re talking white or neutral shades for the shutters (with more on colour scheming below), and you’ll probably prefer wider rather than narrow slats to create a modern, clean effect. So that’s the windows sorted, then.

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Pick the furniture

Comfort is key to create boutique hotel-style room schemes. For living spaces, go for sofas and armchairs with fuss-free contemporary lines and fixed rather than loose covers. Team them with occasional tables in dark wood finishes – again the shapes should be uncomplicated and modern.

Think about how you arrange the furniture, too. Try a pair of matching armchairs by a window or in front of the fireplace, and opt for facing sofas, or arrange them at right angles to each other with a coffee table and rug drawing the area of the room together. The idea is intimate and comfortable relaxation areas just as you’d get in a hotel.

For dining areas, promote comfort. Smartly upholstered chairs around a generously sized dining table are the goal rather than plain wooden designs. Create the idea of lingering over many courses, and you’ll be along the right lines. Go for fabulous lighting above the table, too – a sparkling modern chandelier is an easy win.

When it comes to the bedroom, the bed should be the centrepiece of the room scheme. Choose a divan and headboard combination for true hotel style. Tall upholstered headboards in a neutral fabric are a must-have element, and luxurious white linens will complete the effect.

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Get the colour scheme right

You’ve probably got the idea by now: if you’re after this luxury hotel look, then neutral tones are key. You might want to stick to the very palest shades of white and off-whites (especially if your room lacks natural light), go just a tad darker with minks and taupes, or make a statement by adding in darker shades: black, charcoal and deep, deep red, will create a striking contrast to pale walls.

The secret to getting an effect that’s still rich in interest rather than flat? Different textures are the answer in your choice of fabrics, cabinet furniture, shutters and so on. But we’re talking five-star tactility, so opt for the most luxurious options.

Hankering after some highlights for your hotel scheme? Opt for the brightness of metallics for lampshades or furniture detail to add the restrained glamour this look requires.

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Add the accessories

If you’re a confirmed crowder of surfaces, you’re going to have to hold yourself back now. Say yes to small groupings of shapely vases, contemporary floral arrangements, sculptural objects and shining photo frames. 

But while you’re saying no to overcrowded surfaces and random assortments, keep in mind that this isn’t a spartan look. Dress beds and sofas with cushions to add the required luxury – make like a stylist and team square and envelope shapes.

Adding pictures to the walls? Narrow dark wood frames and themed groups will finish the look perfectly.

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