Lifeproof your home

Lucy Searle 29/04/2015 10:28:43 DIY and How-to Guides

Dress windows wonderfully

When you’re looking for a window dressing that won’t be the worst for regular exposure to sunlight, which can be wiped or vacuumed clean of dust (no expensive trips to the dry cleaners), which will work in a kitchen or bathroom as well as every other room, and which looks effortlessly chic, you can only be searching for shutters www.californiashutters.co.uk. Problem sorted.

Save time in the kitchen

Splashes from dishes on the hob are easy to clean off tiles, but keeping the grout in between them pristine can be more challenging. If tiles are your favourite, consider a dark grout that won’t get marked, or opt for a wipe-clean glass splashback instead.

Scrumpy kitchen table, Loaf 

Sort out seating

The chairs or benches in your dining space may have to stand up to regular dropped food and overturned drinks without causing you alarm. Instead of upholstery that’ll have you leaping up the instant it’s under threat, go a little more laidback with wood or a finish that won’t get marked in the interval between spillage and mop-up mission.

Choose a cope-with-everything paint

Don’t want to keep redecorating children’s rooms? Try a scrubbable paint – rather than just wipeable – to ensure vigorous cleaning won’t compromise its appearance, and look for good stain resistance as well.

Victorian floor tile range, Original Style

Go for pattern

If the sporting, hiking, canine and feline members of your household are making your desire for a smart hallway floor an unwinnable battle, run up the white flag and lay Victorian-style patterned tiles. Your new floor won’t look grotty as soon as the next culprit steps on to it, and it’ll be super easy to brush, mop or vacuum when it does need cleaning.

Try wall panels

Dog owners may want to avoid the inevitable disappointment of seeing pooch brush a fabulous hallway wallpaper with a muddy tail, or shake the rain off next to it. Wall panelling can be a sound choice for an easier life.

Cater for the, er, clumsy

Would you say that you or yours are inclined to drop things in the kitchen (especially when asked to dry up)? Then you might want to consider avoiding very hard worksurfaces such as granite to cut down on the breakages. Wood is a more forgiving surface – and quieter as well, if you don’t like banging and clinking.

Wire and wood wall storage, Vincent and Barn

Consider frequency of use

Open kitchen shelving can help your room look bigger, but make sure you display items you use regularly rather than the occasional pieces. Try keeping the latter in glass-fronted cupboards instead. Your best glasses and tableware will stay dust-free, and the room will still feel open.

Invest in leather upholstery

A distressed leather sofa or armchair isn’t going to be spoiled by the little bit of extra distress your children or your pets might inflict on it (and we assume your cats won’t use it as a scratching post; but don’t get in touch if we’re wrong). With the latter proviso, we’d say go for the seating to which individuals will add character rather than a finish they might compromise.

Be carpet clever

Buying a new carpet? If you share your home with cats, don’t just think about the colour of the carpet and what it’s made from. You’ll need to pay careful attention to the pile as well and avoid loops as these and claws are not a happy recipe – for you at least.

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