Shutters for awkward window shapes: customer review

California Shutters 12/04/2017 10:29:25 Stories
Once upon a time, there was no decent alternative to curtains. Now, though, wooden shutters are storming ahead in popularity. Why? They’re good-looking, have great kerb appeal, are easy to clean, keep out draughts and, with our DIY option, are very affordable. But did you know that they are suitable for windows of all shapes – even unusual circular and arched ones?

So why not make a design feature of your uniquely-shaped window, and draw attention to it rather than hide it behind curtains or blinds? We can create custom-designed shutters to enhance and show off your window’s eye-catching proportions. We’re happy to provide advice and help for designing and measuring up for your shutter installation – and tips for the installation process itself.
Recently, Claire Lund installed our shutters into a large, arched window in her home. The results are stunning, as you can see. We asked her – and Michelle, one of the California Shutters team – a few questions to discover how the process worked.

Why choose shutters for this window?
Michelle says: ‘Claire had arched windows with beautiful stone mullions and feature stonework surrounds – the building is a former Victorian water treatment works, with amazing architectural features. Claire didn't want to cover the stonework with curtains, and the unusual shape made standard blinds unsuitable. Made-to-measure shutters were the obvious option.’

How easy was it to measure up?
Claire says: ‘Michelle at California Shutters was a huge help. We sent photographs of the job so that she would have a clear idea of what we were trying to achieve. As it was only our second ever shutter job we had lots of questions that she was able to answer. Michelle went through every detail with us and helped enormously. It was fairly easy to measure up, it was a two person job, one measuring and one recording the measurement. It took a lot of time but it meant that the finished shutters were a great fit.’
3 How easy was the fitting process?
Claire says: ‘Fitting went really well. The time taken producing accurate measurements meant that the completed shutters were a good fit. My husband fitted them and has 30 years of joinery experience; he had to make some minor adjustments to get the arched shutters in place. He used a plainer to take small amounts from the back of the frames to get them into position.’    
4 How do the shutters look in place?
Michelle says: ‘Claire is delighted with the finished job. The shutters enhance the architectural features of the building both inside and out. We are now busy with another property in the same building, hopefully there will be a few more to come!’
Claire and her husband are based in Huddersfield, and supply shutters, blinds, curtains and bespoke furniture to customers in West Yorkshire through their company
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