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Home renovator Gemma tells us how easy it is to install white shutters

California Shutters 13/04/2020 15:05:03

This week we caught up with home renovator and interior lover Gemma Penfold (@beech.tree.cottage) to find out about saying goodbye to city life and how she’s been renovating her new country house in Kent. Including the addition of some gorgeous Full Height Shutters!


Hi Gemma! Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your beautiful home?

Myself and my husband moved to our current home in Kent in December ‘18 with our two daughters Neave (11) & Mila (2).  We have been together for 16 years and married for the last 5 years (after he decided to finally ask me haha!) We lived in towns all our lives and wanted to have a rural lifestyle while raising our two daughters. We took on a project that we’ll be working on over the next couple of years.


We love your eclectic interiors, and it really stands out on Instagram. How would you describe your taste in décor?

Rustic, vintage, boho, nordic and pre-loved cocktail! A mixture of whatever catches our eye and provides beauty and the wow factor.  Anything that’s had a life before it gets to us is a preference.


With your eye-catching interiors, what made you choose California Shutters for your rooms?

We found the website user friendly, the prices are very reasonable and your pictures are visually pleasing!


We know you’re currently renovating your home, but would you describe yourself as a DIYer?

We give it our best shot!  We have no experience and often ‘Youtube’ how to complete jobs but it’s why we chose to buy this property, to get stuck in and make it our own.


Did you find that white shutters were easy to install?

Very easy, because the specifics and advice of measuring provided by your website really helped. We have windows in our home that don’t have equal dimensions so it could have been challenging if we hadn’t followed your guidelines!


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The white shutters look fantastic, what difference have they made to your home?

They have given the rooms a new lease of life and such a different feel to before. They’re great for spring/summer with the light early mornings, and also for the evenings as they block out the daylight, which is definitely beneficial for children’s rooms!


What is your favourite thing about your white shutters?

They’re the perfect finishing touch to any room, the quality is 10/10 and they look amazing! We cannot wait to receive the rest of our shutters which are currently in the making.


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We have seen your shutters through your Instagram @beech.tree.cottage What has been your most-liked post on there so far?

Our most liked picture always comes down to our log burner fireplace.  However, a close second is always our daughter’s room which we have just fitted the new shutters in! I’m sure with the white shutters now being fitted, the pics are going to be very popular.




With your daughter’s room now finished, what’s your next renovation project?

The next rooms in our home to be decorated are the cloakroom, boot room and then we also have our barn being renovated, starting in late May.


Finally, now that you’ve measured and installed your white shutters, what advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about doing it themselves but is unsure?

Go for it! Follow the instructions of measuring from the website and you cannot go wrong! We’re amateur DIY’ers and have managed to do it so anyone can.  It will save you hundreds, if not thousands by doing it yourself for a quality item.

Thanks Gemma!


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If you’re curious about getting a cost for white shutters, or if you need help measuring and installing shutters to your windows, we’re right here to help! Call us or email us, we’re business as usual!