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How plantation shutters perfectly complement a period property

California Shutters 30/04/2020 15:16:51

Today we’re California dreamin’ about period properties and talking to Bea (@the1907_) about renovating her Edwardian house and how plantation shutters perfectly complement a period property.


Hi Bea, Let’s start with a little introduction about yourself and your gorgeous period home?

Well, this is our first home. We wanted a project so decided on an Edwardian house. We loved the large windows that bring in so much light and being an end of terrace gives it a little added sense of space. 

We’ve done a lot of the renovation ourselves on the weekends and spare evenings - as we both have full time jobs, my husband is a journalist and I work in PR. 

Your design so far seems very clean and classic, how would you describe your personal taste? 

Neutral tones but with bold colours intertwined like dark blue and black. I’m a big fan of white walls too! I like to keep things relatively simple when it comes to décor but with a few stand out pieces or colour to bring the room together. 

What made you choose plantation shutters for your period home?

We wanted the house to be a project and loved that we could measure and fit the shutters ourselves. The front windows look straight onto the street and we loved the privacy shutters can offer as well as their versatility. 

We looked at a few other companies but none of them could offer the value of California Shutters (materials and cost), so we definitely say to fit them yourself if you feel confident. It’s not as difficult as we first thought and the team were great at offering any guidance where needed. 

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Would you describe yourself as a DIYer?

I’ve always liked doing little upcycling projects and my husband loved getting stuck in with anything DIY. It’s definitely increased since buying the house though and I’m always adding things to the DIY list. You don’t need to be a keen DIYer to fit the shutters though! 

Did you come across any challenges installing the shutters in a period property?

The shutters are very simple to install. The challenge we had that others with similar aged or older properties may have is that the windows aren’t completely straight meaning the frames of the shutters need a bit of adjusting to sit properly. But allowing a little extra space helps to put them into position better. 


What difference did the shutters make to your period home?

They made a huge difference, we love them and have had so many compliments! They look gorgeous from inside and outside - great for additional kerb appeal! 

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What advice would you give to someone who’s unsure about installing shutters themselves?

Go for it! It’s so much more simple than you might be thinking and they really make a huge difference. 

We love your Instagram @the1907_, especially any photos including your cat Jam! What has been your most-liked post so far?

Our most liked post was a picture I took of the very dark grey/charcoal wall I painted in the kitchen alongside the exposed brick fireplace that we’d spent ages on. Tearing down old plaster is a messy job!

It looked like it! We’ve watched your stories and loved the finished look!

So, what’s your next renovation/decorating project that you're planning?

We really want to spruce up the garden, finish off some decorating in the house and finally get new carpets. We’ve been holding off whilst we still had some work to do. We’ll also be getting shutters for the second bedroom to match the other rooms.


Finally, what would you say is your favourite thing about your shutters?

They’re so versatile and they’ve completely transformed the rooms they’re in. I was set on getting shutters before we’d even found the house - I love them! 


Thanks Bea


If you’re curious about getting a cost for shutters for your period property, or if you need help measuring and installing shutters to your windows, we’re right here to help! Call us or email us, we’re business as usual!