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Stylish plantation shutters for the perfect blackout

California Shutters 07/04/2022 10:04:36


Can you get blackout plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters feature adjustable louvres and when closed, this can achieve significant light reduction. The thick solid wood ensures less light comes through, especially in comparison to thin blinds or curtains.

However, if you want to eliminate the most amount of light possible, we would recommend opting for solid shutters. Featuring no louvres- just a solid panel of wood, there is less opportunity for light to escape and they achieve a near blackout effect.

If you're still totally set on complete blackout, you can always install blackout blinds behind the shutters! it's a great alternative option to achieve a full blackout whilst retaining the classic style of shutters on your windows.

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Why choose blackout shutters?

Solid shutters are the perfect option if you’re looking for near blackout effect. A good fit for all rooms in the home, the installation of this style works best in bedrooms due to the opaque nature of the hardwood panels. Allowing for a restful night sleep, the shutters will reduce pesky external noise and provide maximum light reduction.They also provide a layer of insulation to your rooms, keeping them cool in summer and cosy and warm in winter.

The style of these hardwood shutters particularly complement period properties, as they have a traditional and elegant aesthetic 

Are blackout shutters easy to measure and fit?

Yes! Solid shutters are straightforward to measure and fit. We have informative online guides and videos on how to measure for shutters to ensure you’re confident every step of the way.

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Can you get blackout shutters for bay windows?

Absolutely! Solid shutters work beautifully on bay windows. We offer up to four panels per shutter, so if your centre window of the bay area is larger, there is the opportunity to successfully cover the expanse of glass. Eye-catching when both opened and closed, the installation of shutters will add character and complement both contemporary and period homes.

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Do shutters block out light?

Shutters can help to block out most light, but naturally minimal light will be able to slip through. However, the amount of light that comes in is not enough to disrupt sleep and the room will remain dark and cosy when closed. In comparison to other window coverings such as blinds and curtains, shutters are more successful at keeping light out due to the compact framed design that can be tightly fixed to the window or surrounding wall. 


How do I order blackout shutters?

Start by using our guides and video tutorials to get accurate measurements of your windows. Don't worry- our team our on hand to answer any questions you may have along the way!

After this, you can start configuring your shutters! Select the style, (Full height, Tier on tier or Cafe) and then chose the material. (Solid shutters are available in our pure hardwood range) After that, you enter your dimensions and choose the number of panels, slat size, colour and even hinge detail!

You're in complete control, so you know you'll get the exact shutters you want.

Lastly, one of our shutter experts will call you to confirm the details of your order and make any adjustments or suggestions. This way you can rest assured that nothing will go into production without a thorough check.

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