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White shutters; stunning, stylish and high-quality

California Shutters 07/04/2022 09:42:37

Why white window shutters?

White shutters complement practically any interior style or colour scheme. This also means that they won’t be going out of fashion any time soon, meaning once you’ve invested your time and money choosing, measuring for and installing the plantation shutters, you won’t have to go through the process again. Well, until you decide you want to cover every other window in your home with white internal window shutters, that is!

What different shades of white shutter blinds are available? 

We offer a range of different white shutter shades across three choices of material. Firstly, we have our Affordable Hybrawood shutters. Made using hardwood frames and panels with hardwearing polyvinyl slats, they are our most affordable and best selling shutters.

White paints here range from Vivid White, a crisp and bright shade giving off a very modern look, through more subtle cream shades and finally to Grey White on the slightly darker side of things. Here the white shutter shades are more suited to either an industrial or farmhouse style interior, but again do remember that any white shutter shade will look fantastic in any interior space.
The same white shades are available in our Pure Hardwood range, which as the name suggests is a 100% hardwood shutter. Opt for White Grained or Fern from the limewash paint options to give off a rustic looking, luxurious grained appearance.

For windows that are in direct contact with water, opt for our Waterproof PVC range, available in three white paint shades.

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Choosing the right interior shutter style for your home

All of the ranges mentioned above are available across full height, tier-on-tier, café style and solid shutters. Both full height and tier-on-tier cover the whole window, the latter being split into a lower and upper half so that the panels can operate independently of each other. They work best on larger windows.

Full height shutters are the ideal choice for the majority of windows, with the option to have a mid-rail included to split the shutters into different levels. Solid shutters aren’t slatted and so when closed block out the majority of the light. They look great on tall windows in Georgian properties owing to their classic look.

Café style white shutters, covering the lower half of a window, are popular for bathroom windows, providing privacy at the bottom yet letting in plenty of light through the uncovered top half – perfect for bath time!

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The benefits of white shutter blinds

Just like all our offerings, DIY white shutters are easy to measure and install yourself. They are versatile, durable and complement any interior style or colour scheme, meaning you won’t have to keep replacing them. 

Not only do they look great, but they offer noise reduction benefits, shutters are energy efficient and they even keep outside noises out of your home.

How to measure for DIY white shutters

Get hold of a good quality tape measure and get ready to measure those windows! We’ve put together a selection of easy to follow, downloadable guides to measure different types of window such as bays, recessed and non-recessed windows at the link below. It’s usually as simple as measuring the height and width of the area that you want to attach shutters to.

Take a look at the guides and if needed, send our team a photo of the windows or doors in question and we’ll provide specific instructions for you, as well as advise on which shade of white shutters would look best.

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How do I order plantation shutters?

Once you’ve measured everything accurately, double checked your measurements and got in touch with the team if you’re unsure about anything, then you’re ready to begin the ordering process.

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To begin configuring your shutters, select whether you’d like full height, tier-on-tier or café style shutters and click on your chosen style. Next, choose your material. Enter your dimensions, choose the number of panels and size of slats you’d like, which shade of white shutter takes your fancy and even the colour of the hinges. A member of the team will call you once you’ve completed your order to confirm the details with you and make any last minute adjustments.

Rest assured that nothing goes into production until you’re completely happy with everything. Our team is here to help at every step of the way.