How to design the perfect bedroom

Lucy Searle 18/02/2015 09:32:03 DIY and How-to Guides

Get the colour scheme right

What to bear in mind when considering a colour for a bedroom: you’ll spend more time in the room when it’s dark outside than when it’s light; you’ll want it to feel warm and welcoming; the morning light will affect you here as in no other room. So, what does that mean for colour scheming?

First, you can indulge in more dramatic shades than you might dare to use downstairs; next, unless you like being woken up early by sunlight hitting brightly coloured walls, you’re more than likely to want to stick with darker shades, and lastly, you might like to think about choosing a warm colour to make the room feel inviting.

The good news is that deep colours, such as maroons, warm shades of dark turquoise, or chocolate brown are bang on trend this year and look fab in both traditional and contemporary-style bedrooms.

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Patterned versus plain walls?

Of course, you might still favour all-white walls and choose to add your main colour in window dressings - such as coloured shutters - or simply in accessories. So why add pattern, too? Well, it’s an easy way to make the room feel that much more interesting. Very low key, subtle motifs will work well on all four walls, but keep a very busy patterned wallpaper to just one wall to maintain a restful feel.

Find the best flooring

Bedrooms are about comfort, so whether you prefer deep pile wool carpet or pared back painted floorboards with runners on top, the flooring either side of your bed needs to be soft so that when you step out of it on cold winter mornings, your feet sink into something luxurious and welcoming. Whichever you choose, keep the main flooring neutral-coloured rather than bold or patterned – it’s much easier to swap rugs or paint walls when you fancy a new look than rub down and repaint floorboards or rip and replace carpets.

Dress the windows

It goes without saying that bedroom window dressings should look good, but for you to get a good night’s kip, they should also block out as much light as possible, stop draughts and muffle noise from outdoors. And when you’re dressing, they need to provide privacy if the room is overlooked. If you like a pared back look or want to save space in a small room, shutters will tick all the boxes. To darken rooms, look for privacy fit or solid shutters; choose coloured shutters to add personality to an all-white space or match shutters with full-length curtains for a more traditional feel or to add pattern.   

Design the best lighting scheme

Good lighting is a must-have in a bedroom, and you ideally need a combination of the following. Task lighting includes directional lights for reading or putting on make up, while in-wardrobe lights will help you find clothing quickly. Accent lighting, such as bedside lamps, will make the room feel welcoming. Overhead lighting might not be used much generally but is handy if you’re looking for something under the bed or want to clean the room on a dark day – plus a gorgeous central shade or chandelier makes a decorative focal point.

Find furniture that fits

Of course, if you’ve got a huge bedroom, you can indulge in a fabulous four poster and giant freestanding wardrobes. But if, like most of us, your bedroom is smaller than you’d like it to be, think proportion. In other words, don’t be tempted to squeeze a super king-size bed into a queen-size space – it will only make your room feel small and squashed. If you must have a bed that’s too big for the space (partner thrashes about like he’s wrestling a croc by any chance?), choose one that has built-in storage beneath so that you can cut down on furniture elsewhere in the room. Match it with slim rather than chunky bedside tables, too, to help the space feel as big as possible, and consider fitted wardrobes with mirrored or glossy sliding doors that reflect light, look streamlined and are super practical inside.

Picture: House of Fraser

Accessorise to make it welcoming

Scatter cushions: you either love or hate ‘em. But we say… you can’t beat a bit of layering to make the space feel welcoming and cosy – and actually, cushions, throws, bedspreads, eiderdowns are all must-haves if it’s cold outdoors or you’re laid up with a spot of man flu. Starting with the bed linen, use this accessory splurge as an excuse to add pattern, texture and accent colours – choosing contrasting shades if you want to add a brighter colour, or toning shades if you want to keep the room restful. Then, pick these colours up in everything from lampshades to rugs to knick knacks.

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