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Top interior trends for 2017

California Shutters 06/01/2017 11:45:53 Inspiration

Pic: California Shutters

Jewel colours

One of this year’s biggest colour trends, jewel colours are rich and beguiling. Think of a peacock and you won’t go far wrong. Where to use them? On shutters (of course), which we can colour match to your favourite tail feather shade; equally, you can paint them on to walls when you’re redecorating, pick them for furniture, and add them with accessories. Easy.

Pic: Loaf

Tactile velvet

Upholstery that not just looks fabulous but feels it, too, will be big in every fashion-forward home. Picture yourself chilling out on a generous sofa, or gorgeous armchair, with a touchable velvet finish that makes it a fantastic focal point for the living space when you (temporarily) have to get up and leave it.

Pic: MiaFleur


Of course, you don’t have to tick off 2017’s top interiors trends one by one. That lovely velvet sofa (above) is finished in one of the pastel shades that are also headliners for the year. Now, when we say pastels, 2017’s aren’t those vintage shades you might be picturing, but are altogether more sophisticated, as you can see on these vases. By the way, don’t fret if you’d fallen for the jewel colours we talked about earlier. These pastels look great mixed with deeper shades.

Pic: Atkin and Thyme


We’re not going to pretend that navy blue is brand new for 2017 – but it’s a trend that’s definitely here to stay. Use it to paint walls in rooms that are never going to be blessed with lots of natural daylight but will feel cocooning with deep blue walls and beautiful lighting, or introduce it with your upholstery. And you guessed it: navy velvet will definitely look the part. Want to draw attention to your windows? Navy shutters will do the trick perfectly.

Pic: L’Ottocento

Grainy wood kitchens

If 2017’s going to see you shopping for a new kitchen, you’ll want to know that new year styles for units include those featuring attractively grained woods. Solid woods, veneers and wood lookalikes are all possibles and you can mix units like these with a second finish to pull off a kitchen revamp in style.

Pic: Cubit

Modular furniture

Furniture that’s adaptable is big news this year. It’s ideal for renters and frequent movers as well as decorating addicts who like to keep room schemes fresh by reworking the existing elements. Another big plus is that it can help you get an individual look when you don’t have the readies for bespoke. Hurrah!

Pic: Dash & Albert


A well-dressed 2017 interior will also be sporting… stripes. From the catwalk to your home, rainbow stripes – and variations on the theme – will bring a bright note to your interiors and who can say no to a little dose of optimism in today’s world?