How to style a home office space (with video from RVK Loves)

Fiona Duffy 15/01/2019 14:26:25 DIY and How-to Guides

Looking for home office ideas to make your workspace more inspiring? You’ll love these tips from Instagram-styling expert, Rebecca Sterling aka @RVK_Loves.


The turn of a New Year can only mean one thing, it’s time to create a harmonious home office space for a year of productivity ahead. Styling a small office or desk space needn’t be a big job. With a few thoughtful additions to your space and work-promoting investments, your home office can be comfortable, inspiring and promote wellbeing. We’ve called in Rebecca Sterling, an expert in Instagram-styling to share home office styling ideas we can all try at home.

Watch Rebecca’s video, and read on for more office improvement ideas below…

5 tips for styling a home office space

1. Make it somewhere you want to sit down and work

Is your current office area uninspiring and lacklustre? It’s no surprise that making your desk area inspiring and a happy place to be will help you race to your desk every morning. Rebecca says to think about what brings you joy. Perhaps plants, candles, or fresh flowers make you feel energised and positive? Add these touches to your workspace.

2. Make it a seamless living space

Is your desk space in an open plan area, such as within an alcove of a dining room? If so it's important to ensure the design fits with the surrounding room. This means hiding those messy notes and piles of letters by bringing in good storage, so you can easily stash everything out of sight at the end of your day. Framing inspiring prints that fit with the overall theme of the room is a great styling tip to tie in the whole look.


3. Opt for office furniture that’s in the same style as the rest of your home

Is your home more contemporary or full of vintage character? Keep consistency by carrying the look through to your home office, making sure your chair and desk suits your style. Rebecca says “Go for a classic look to your shelving or desk, a style that is timeless; that way you can change your desk accessories with the seasons and trends”

4. Consider whether your window dressing could make your space more comfortable

Rebecca says “Shutters are ideal when styling your home office because they’re so easy for adjusting light. When you’re working at a computer screen you need to make sure that there’s no glare reflecting on your screen. A simple tap of your shutters filters the light and you can work more comfortably.”

There are various other benefits of installing shutter blinds to your home office space:

  • They regulate temperature. If you sit close to a window that’s draughty, shutters can help insulate the room, keeping you more comfortable while you work.

  • They provide an element of soundproofing. Whether it’s the bin men making a racket, or noise of traffic outside your office window, shutters act as a sound barrier, dulling outside noise so you can fully concentrate on getting through that to-do list.

  • They keep natural light streaming through your work environment. We all work better in a naturally lit office environment, and the good thing about shutters in a home office means you get the best of both privacy and light.



5. Keep costs low by browsing sites like Gumtree and Ebay, and try your hand at DIY

Costs can quickly add up when you’re buying new furniture or accessories for your home office, but Rebecca says keep your eye on local sellers on Gumtree and Ebay as second-hand options are not only more affordable but they will bring character to your home office. Trying out simple DIY ideas is also a great way to affordably transform your office space. Fitting your own shutters as opposed to paying for a full-service installation, for example, is a smart alternative. Our customers are always surprised by how affordable their shutters are, and how easy they are to fit. Get a quick quote for your room by clicking here.

We hope these home office ideas have inspired you to make updates to your own desk space. Remember it’s all about creating a comfortable work environment that you feel happy to sit in every day. Invest in your space and you invest in a lifetime of productivity.

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