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10 timeless bathroom decor ideas (that will get your partner's approval too!)

California Shutters 23/01/2020 11:58:17

If you and your partner have opposite tastes when it comes to home decoration, it can be hard to agree on a look that you both love. Here we present some timeless bathroom ideas that can help create the perfect balance in both your relationship and your home, including plantation shutters of course!

Day or night, white is right

First things first: for abiding harmony, it’s important to get the ambience right. What colour is neutral, clean and guaranteed not to cause any disagreements? It really must be white! Refreshing, sparse, functional and great for light retention - a cool, relaxing white is the most timeless of all colours.

When you think about it, there’s a reason why most bathroom essentials, such as baths, toilets and sinks, are predominantly this colour. It’s down to the permanent feeling of cleanliness and freshness that white exudes. 

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Bathroom shutters 

Bathroom shutters California Shutters

When it comes to timeless style, bathroom shutters offer classic elegance and are built to last. With the extra levels of humidity and splashback generated within the space, we have just the shutters you need for a stylish, practical look with mutual appeal. Our Affordable Wood hybrid is a popular choice: hard-wearing and finished with a smooth, water-resistant lacquer that’s easy to wipe clean. 

What type of shutter is ideal for bathroom window décor? For a wide window, café style shutters are good for maintaining privacy whilst still guaranteeing plenty of light. If you have a tall, narrow window, then full height shutters are perfect for restricting light flow and for delivering complete privacy if required.  

For wetrooms and smaller bathrooms where water comes into direct contact with the shutters, our waterproof shutters come highly recommended.


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Visit the tile of white 

bathroom ideas California Shutters
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Decorations often fall prey to trends whose shelf life can be glamorous but short-lived. On the other hand, subway tiles are a perennial classic that just don’t go out of date. A classic style that’s easy to work with, these tiles give you plenty of decorative options – and a wealth of colours that you’ll both be able to agree on!

Keeping it light

Bathroom shutters California Shutters

Successful bathroom lighting is dependent on many factors: vision, needs, existing brightness and the style of the bathroom. But as we’re seeking a timeless solution it really boils down to two options - wall or ceiling lighting. Fixed sconces with metallic hardware and neat white shades are perfect for walls, whilst a ceiling chandelier provides a classic look for the larger bathroom and is great for reflecting light.


In busy households, baths can seem like a waste of time compared to the benefits of a quick, invigorating shower. But if you need a relaxing soak, or if you have young children, then a classic claw-foot or bateau-style bath reigns supreme when it comes to bathroom must-haves.

Stately and comfortable, with the option to update by adding an overhead shower ring, a classic bathtub will also add to the resale value of your property.   

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Bathroom wood - always good

For a stylish sense of the rustic and a perfect antidote to plastic accessories, then wooden elements are a calming addition to any bathroom. Unlike some metals, which can quickly corrode and rust, wood has a high resistance to humid conditions and never goes out of fashion! Design tip: a wooden ladder makes a perfect towel holder and adds a welcome sense of the timeless to any chosen look.

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Pedestal Basin

An elegant yet functional addition to anyone’s bathroom is a classic pedestal basin. Designed on simple principles and available in all manner of enduring shapes and sizes, these basins just don’t date and are great for hiding any unsightly pipes!

Vanity unit 

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more storage-based use for your basin, then a vanity unit in a cupboard, drawer or open shelf style (see below) - can be a practical and stylish addition to your bathroom, especially if space is at a premium.

bathroom ideas California Shutters

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Mirror, mirror, on the bathroom wall 

One of THE bathroom essentials, this is an important one (or two) to get right. Many contemporary bathrooms tend to feature large, sometimes full-size mirrors but if it’s timeless style you’re aiming for then you really don’t need to go for more than two smaller sized mirrors of rectangular or circular design. It’s worth remembering that a futureproof look is all about clean lines, conventional shapes and natural finishes.

Plant life

Speaking of a natural finish, to complete the timeless look, why not add a welcome dash of greenery into your bathroom space?  As we refresh our bodies it makes perfect sense to experience an authentic taste of the outside world. Potted plants on shelves or on stands by your bathroom window decor bring a calming sense of colour and add to the feeling of this important room being your very own - and your partner’s - sanctuary.

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