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Which shutter material is best for my kitchen?

Sally Denyer 10/01/2020 15:39:05

When choosing shutters for your kitchen window, one important element to consider is which material is best.

Like bathrooms, kitchens are an area prone to moisture and direct contact with water, so we’ve devised a guide to help you choose which material is best for your kitchen shutters.

kitchen shutters California Shutters

Will the shutters for your kitchen come into contact with water?

Waterproof Polyvinyl is the perfect material for bathrooms, wet rooms or any window coming into direct contact with water. If your kitchen shutters match this description, then this is the material for you.

The shutters and frames are made solely from a Polyvinyl material that is 100% Waterproof and available in four calming, neutral shades with a smart stainless-steel hinge.

Our Polyvinyl range will provide the high-end and stylish look you require from your shutters; with the added security that they can withstand the hustle and bustle of whatever your kitchen throws at them, and the assurance that they’ll last the test of time.

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Do you want an affordable option for your kitchen shutters?

If your kitchen is well ventilated and your shutters will not come into direct contact with water, then our Affordable wood Hybrid may be the material for you.

These durable shutters are made from quality hardwood with a tough aluminium core, and all for an affordable price! It’s a tough material that offers the durability that is ideal for kitchen shutters.

Available in 12 stunning paint shades, with a plethora of hinge colours to choose from, this style ensures that your kitchen shutters look as good as the rest of your kitchen.

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kitchen shutters by California Shutters

Love the look of wooden shutters?

If you’re looking for a quality and superior product, then the clear choice is our wooden shutters for your kitchen.

These shutters are crafted using sustainably sourced hardwoods: Basswood, for a smooth finish and Ashwood for a grained finished. With no MDF in sight, you know you’re getting a top-quality product at a competitive price.

Our hardwoods are available in our entire selection of paints and hinge colours. We also offer our grained Ashwood in a choice of impressive stains to emphasis the distinct and natural patterns of the deep grain.

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kitchen shutters by California Shutters
Plantation shutters look great in every room of your home

Are you looking for kitchen door shutters?

Think California Shutters only supply shutters for windows? You would be wrong! We can help you measure, fit and love your doors also.

The Ability for shutters to bifold back and not protrude into the room make them a great option for doors and room dividers. We also offer a Solid raised shutter that works perfectly as a sleek option for your kitchen. This solid style also has the added benefit of an extra layer of insulation to keep loud noises out.

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kitchen shutters California Shutters

Why choose shutters for the kitchen?

  • Shutters offer complete control over the light that enters your kitchen. No more blinding sunlight when you are trying to wash up! If you opt for keeping the panels closed, you can adjust the slats to ensure the perfect light levels for you.
  • You can choose shutters panels that bifold to the side to allow you clear sight of the view outside your windows. This design will also help avoid taps or any other obstructions.
  • Keeping your shutter panels closed will also help with extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Shutters are much easier to clean than blinds or curtains. In a room exposed to spills and splashes, shutters are incredibly simple to take care of. We suggest simply wiping them down with a damp cloth and this will keep them as good as new.
  • Shutters also benefit the busiest room of the house by taking up minimal space on crucial windowsills and surrounds.
  • And with our UV protectant and sealant, they are guaranteed not to yellow or fade over time.
  • Like the kitchen themselves, shutters are a long-term investment. Your purchasing a product that will last.
  • Shutters are classic and timeless; a design staple that your house can evolve around.

If you’d like to chat with one of our experts about how shutters can work for your kitchen, then email us or call us  – we’re more than happy to help!