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How interior blogger Charlotte styled her home with bay window shutters

California Shutters 09/01/2020 13:36:17


When Charlotte Valentine from @thehomethatmademe was looking for some window inspiration for her stunning home, she worked with California Shutters to achieve the desired look for her bay windows.

Here’s how she transformed her Victorian home with beautiful plantation shutters.

Shutters for bay windows California Shutters

Getting started

“Because the house is a double-fronted property with bay windows, I knew immediately that we wanted to put shutters in all four of the front bays,” reveals Charlotte. "So the first thing I did was go and have a look at the California Shutters website and place an order to have some samples delivered. They arrived the next day and it was great to be able to choose the colour I wanted and feel the quality of them in my hands. I was really impressed.”  

“Obviously if you’ve waited 8-10 weeks for your shutters, the last thing you want is for them to arrive damaged. We’ve never had any problems because the packaging is done so thoroughly and the shutters are so secure, I actually find that it takes longer to unpackage it than it does to fit them!”


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Bay window shutters by California Shutters
All images c/o @thehomethatmademe

The Living Room

The newest part of Charlotte’s home is the living room, which is situated in the old conservatory. The idea was to turn the room into a more usable space by building up the sides and putting a roof with two skylights on. The dominant glass element was removed, as were the double doors – creating a more open plan area.

It was then decided to add shutters to the remaining windows. Charlotte says “We wanted a window decoration that would tie in with the rest of the property and add a bit of character.  Also, having invested quite a lot of money into turning this into an extension, we didn’t want the same issues with it being too hot or too cold, so having a stylish barrier to help with heat insulation was a massive factor.”


The Play Room

In the play room, Charlotte used greys and accents of blues, mainly to draw the eye towards the bay window shutters, to make it a major feature. “Here I went for café style shutters,” explains Charlotte, “So that you can still enjoy looking at the stained glass at the top without it being blocked out. Also from a privacy perspective, we wanted the children to feel relaxed when they’re playing here during the day, whilst still allowing in plenty of light. And when we come in here to watch TV in the evening, we want to make sure that passers-by don’t have a chance to look on in.”

Bay window shutters by California Shutters

The Bedrooms

Charlotte is firmly of the belief that the master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house, especially as a parent. “It should be the place that you can go and relax and unwind in after a long day,” she says. “So, when designing the room, I put a real emphasis on those requirements and kept with the neutral colours to give it that luxury hotel feeling where you just want to climb into the bed. We also put full height shutters in here to block out as much light as possible, but also to accentuate that amazing white, serene light.”

“With the front of the house’s original bay windows we had to take into consideration the fact that two of them are kids’ bedrooms. We wanted to make sure that they were well insulated from outside traffic noise and the cold, so putting shutters into those rooms made a massive difference.”

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Bay window shutters by California Shutters

The cost of shutters

A commonly asked question by prospective customers is, "How much do shutters cost in the UK?" Many clients, like Charlotte, are encouraged by the answer. "I'd recommend California Shutters to anyone," she says. "They make it so much more affordable, and at the end of the day, why should you pay somebody over the odds to fit shutters, when you can get the same product for a more cost-effective price - and easily install them yourself."

Shutters – seriously addictive!

“I think that some people can get seriously intimidated by the prospect of installing their own shutters because they think it might be an expensive mistake if they get it wrong. My husband is not a DIY expert by any means but it’s such a simple process that it’s practically impossible to get wrong.”

“I really feel that shutters ‘make’ a room - they have a kind of finishing aspect to them. And once you’ve installed them in one room it then becomes rather addictive. I think they should actually come with a warning sign saying that you’ll end up wanting to put them on every window in the house!”

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