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Best dressed bay windows

California Shutters 13/07/2017 11:06:30 Inspiration

What’s so great about bay windows?

Bay windows create a spacious feel indoors with their lovely curves, let in bags of light, give you wide street views and are very attractive from outside.

What’s so bad about bay windows?
All of the good stuff above makes them tricky to live with, too. The gorgeous shape will be hidden by blinds and curtains, when really what you want to do is show it off. Flooding in with all that lovely daylight come draughts and increased noise and pollution levels. Generous views from inside might mean that everyone can see right back in from the street – and is the vista from your front room necessarily one you want to look out at? Outside, it’s all about kerb appeal, which means making the most of your window’s shape and proportions.

Which is where bay window shutters come in…  

What makes window shutters perfect for bays?
Our shutters are custom made-to-measure, so will fit your bay window perfectly, whether it’s an angled bay, a box bay or a bow bay. And they won’t just fit perfectly – unlike bulky curtains, they will enhance and show off your window’s unusual shape, making it a focal feature in the room – and even leaving space beneath for a window seat. What’s more, window shutters will still let in lots of light but, tilted, will provide privacy and security. Closed, they act like double-glazing, so that on cold nights, they will keep out draughts. And from outside, they look a million quid – although our DIY measure-and-fit approach means they’re very affordable.

Which window shutter type to choose?
All our shutter types – whether solid, café-style, tier-on-tier or full-height – are perfect for a bay, but these expert design tips will get you started:
  • Choose larger louvres to allow in lots more light and for a contemporary appeal – these are perfect for bigger windows with deep sills, too.
  • Smaller louvres will give you greater privacy and a more traditional feel – and are ideal for more compact windows.
  • Bay windows differ in design, but it’s likely that you will need three sets of single shutters – one for each side window and one for the central window. Having trouble working the design out? Get in touch with us for help.
  • Full-height and solid shutters are the best choices for a bay that’s overlooked – or for one in a bedroom. Tier-on-tier shutters give you the option of opening the top and bottom halves of the shutters independently, meaning you can let in more light by opening the top set, but keep the bottom set closed for privacy. Café-style shutters are ideal for a room that’s overlooked but dressed minimally.
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