New build interiors – How to bring character to a new build home

Fiona Duffy 09/07/2018 12:37:53 Buying Shutters, DIY and How-to Guides

Pic: California Shutters

Brand new homes have plenty of plus points. A guarantee for the building work, pristine fixtures and fittings, walls and floors that don’t show the wear and tear from a previous owner's occupation and, if you get in early, the chance to specify some of the interior choices are all part of the list of advantages.


The downsides? New build interiors can lack the features of older homes that many of us love, and your place may look just like next door, and the house after that…

Pic: California Shutters

Bring character to your new build interiors

So, how to introduce more charm and personality when you’re decorating a new-build home? That’s where shutters come in. Dress the windows of your house with shutters and you can make up for a lack of architectural features.


Shutters won’t only transform inside, of course. Seen from the exterior, shutters can give your home instant kerb appeal and make it stand out from its neighbours for all the right reasons. A consistent finish for every window looks far smarter than a view of curtain lining fabric, or a mixture of different curtains and blinds.


Inside, our shutters will give windows a neat finish, they’ll be fitted precisely – we make shutters bespoke to each window – and they are easy to clean, so they’ll help you keep your new place as spick and span as the day you picked up the keys.

Pic: California Shutters

Choose the right shutters for every room

You’ll probably have inherited a pretty blank canvas when you bought a new home, but decorating can do away with any blandness. Introducing colour is one way to create individual style, and shutters can be the vehicle. We offer coloured shutters as well as classic white versions and, with our colour match service, we can make your shutters in any shade you specify to get your new build feeling personality packed.
You can also make your new home look stylish with your choice of shutter styles.

Pic: California Shutters

Why else are shutters ideal for a new-build home?

As well as boosting character, shutters have plenty of other benefits that make them the perfect window dressing for a new-build home:


  • Shutters work on small, large, bay and even French windows, so you can get the same fantastic finish and effective window dressing all round your new house.

  • They provide extra sound insulation for windows preventing disturbance if you live in a busy area. 

  • Shutters boost security for your home in a way that other window treatments just can’t.

  • They’ll allow you to control the light as the sun moves around your home during the day to keep glare from screens and to stop furniture fading.

  • They keep rooms private from passers-by and the neighbouring properties.


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