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Sean Baldwin 10/07/2019 13:50:24 DIY and How-to Guides
The concept of hygge made a big impression in the UK some years ago, and it’s a design trend that’s sure to stay. Its cosy, comforting warmth is perfect for long, dark evenings. But here at California Shutters we’re wondering: now that the warm weather’s here, what about shaking things up with some cool Scandinavian summer style? Is there a minimalist counterbalance to hygge, where sparseness rules whilst maintaining comfort? Let’s find out…

How to achieve Scandinavian interior style

Scandinavian interiors are defined by a minimal, simplistic and functional aesthetic. Very much a modern-looking style, Scandi home decor also incorporates natural materials such as hemp, leather and wood. So, as Scandi interiors are all about a clean, simple look, then what better place to start than at the bottom…

Light on your feet

Scandi Interiors California Shutters
Image credit: Décor Aid 

You’ll rarely find a shag pile carpet straddling a Scandinavian floor. Flooring tends to be sourced from light hardwood materials, and if it’s not pale to begin with it will soon be painted that way! Laminated light flooring with an authentic grain pattern is ideal for this look and makes your room appear more inviting and spacious.

Colour-wise, to complement your flooring in classic Scandi interior style, there’s only way to go…

A pale canvas 

Scandi Interiors California Shutters
Image credit: My Scandinavian Home  

One of the classic pillars of Scandinavian interior design is adopting a pale panorama for your walls. It’s possible to achieve this without creating a chilly effect but do take care with your colours. Choose white or grey paints with a warm base and with your tester pots first paint on lining paper, hang those on your walls and see which work for you.

Other authentic colours that will match your pale walls are the neutral tones of blacks, whites and browns.  These will help add the requisite soothing quality to your Scandi home décor. 


Scandi Interiors California Shutters
Image credit: Stylizimo

All your efforts at creating an authentic Scandinavian home will be for nothing if you can’t abide by one of its central tenets: declutter! There’s nothing remotely simpatico with this type of décor when your space is invaded by piles of intrusive stuff. If you can incorporate storage solutions that blend into the environment, then so much the better.

Otherwise, as Niki Brantmark, author of the ‘My Scandinavian Home’ blog recommends, begin with allotting 5 minutes each day to dividing items into 3 different boxes: keep, throw and donate. Once you’ve achieved an amount of possessions that you’re happy to retain, then adopt a ‘one in, one out’ attitude. For each item that you buy, one has to go. Keep it sparse!

Window dress to impress

Scandi Interiors California Shutters
Image credit: California Shutters 

A bright, airy room needs a vital ingredient to maintain its Scandi vibe: light! Not all of us can enjoy the benefits of a Scandinavian-style landscape outside our homes. Passers-by are more likely to be of the ‘frequent human’ variety, so window dressing is essential. And what perfectly complements the functional interior you’re designing? You’ve guessed it – interior wood shutters!

So what styles work best? If you need a contemporary style where you can adjust the light levels throughout the day then full height shutters have the simple, timeless elegance that matches your scheme. However, if you’re looking for a more classic example of Scandi décor then solid shutters in white or classic grey really complete the look.


Scandi Interiors California Shutters
Image credit: Homedit

Adding warmth and contrast against those pale walls and floors is an important step, and light wooden furnishings work a treat. Painted items are effective too but avoid bolder shades.

Shape-wise, choose fuss-free objects and keep away from the ornate and chunky. This applies to tables, chairs and shelving but also upholstered furniture where elaborate details are a definite no-no. Keep things refined and easy on the eye.


Scandi Interiors California Shutters
Image credit: MyDomaine

Add a vital ingredient to your Scandi interior style by looking to your lighting. Creating a focal point with a statement lamp will do just this, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

A sheepskin throw (or its likeness) and cushions are typical features of these room schemes, creating warmth and depth to your living space. Lamps, candleholders and glass lanterns will add a welcome touch of cosiness.

When you’re seeking out those all-important finishing touches for your rooms, go for ceramic, glass, woven and wire finishes. But remember to keep things uncluttered!

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