Which 10 home improvements will increase your home’s value?

Sarah Warwick 11/03/2015 09:49:06 DIY and How-to Guides, Inspiration

Want to make your home a better place for you to live in – and have an eye to the day you come to sell? Make the improvements that’ll count in the future and ensure your pad’s plusher than ever.

1 Ensuite bathroom

If queueing for the bathroom’s causing aggro, you need to take action that’ll make home life more harmonious and getting out the door on time less inclined to send your blood pressure where it shouldn’t be going. You can also bet that unless your home is very small, your future buyers are going to expect more than the single family bathroom of yesteryear. Transforming one of your bedrooms is a no-no in almost all circumstances. Instead, think about carving the space out of an existing room – you’ll only need from around 1m by 3m to fit a shower, loo and basin.

Pic: Express Fauxwood shutters, California Shutters

2 Revamped kitchen

A tired kitchen is a huge turn-off for buyers, but a new room with a style that doesn’t have widespread appeal can be even more troublesome. Prospective purchasers may not love your yellow units (hard to credit, we know) and, if the room’s newly fitted, might fear they’re paying for the cabinets they’d dearly love to rip out as part of the purchase price. The answer is to play to the crowd whether you’re buying new or freshening up. Think pale painted units for longevity, retile if your splashback’s dated, and if there’s space to eat in the kitchen, work a table or breakfast bar into the layout.

3 Neutral decor

You need to please most of the people most of the time with your decorating choices, too, so neutral walls are the way to go. White is a classic, but if it feels too cool for your interiors, try a warm grey instead. Going neutral doesn’t equal boring either, colour addicts. Just save it for the accessories that’ll move home with you.

Wall painted in Colours Any Room & Surface One Coat Matt Paint Fog, B&Q

4 Shutter-dressed windows

Obviously we think shutters are a wholly superior window treatment, but here’s one of the many reasons why they’re worth hanging. Shutters will improve the look of your home immensely both inside, but also – and vitally – from the outside. Windows dressed with shutters together with a neat and tidy front garden will give your bricks and mortar the kerb appeal that’s essential to get buyers through the door. View of curtain lining versus shutters? You know what you need to do...

5 Light-filled conservatory

A garden room comes high on many people’s lists of the features they’d love their home to have. Follow the rules and you can add a conservatory without the need for planning permission, and create a bright and beautiful extra living or dining area you’ll enjoy while you have the same address, and in which prospective buyers can picture themselves. Great garden views even when the weather’s not good never fall out of fashion.

Windows painted in Dix Blue, Farrow & Ball 

6 Double glazing

This probably comes in the boring-but-essential list. Most buyers will look for double glazed windows so they can keep energy bills as low as possible. Don’t panic: this doesn’t have to mean replacing wood-framed windows with their uPVC counterparts if the former’s your favourite, or where you live puts uPVC out of bounds. Double-glazed wood windows – including sashes – will keep your home snug without compromising its style. And, btw, shutters will add a further insulating layer (just saying).

7 Fab flooring

Take a moment to inspect your floors through the eyes of a buyer. Tired or marked carpets? Gappy floorboards? Tiles that are never, ever going to come back into fashion? If these are your legacy, sort it out. Replace the worn out and the dated, get blemishes professionally cleaned out, and put a stop to the draughts between boards. Remember, you are going to be enjoying the fruits of your revamping as well as showing off your pad to best advantage when the time comes.

8 Loft conversion

If you’re up for a bit of investment, then converting your loft can be a sound way to add value. A master suite (think bedroom, ensuite and dressing room) up there could look stunning, and add that extra bedroom buyers are craving in your location. Make sure you think carefully about the position of the staircase and the windows to create the best conversion you can.

Premium elm wood shutter, California Shutters

9 Gorgeous garden

A plot that says neat and well-maintained is worth a little of your money and a while of your time to get your home’s value up. We’re not talking huge spend, but reseeding or returfing those permanently bald patches can do wonders, a fence that’s vertical rather than Tower of Pisa gives the right message, and a few blooms in pots will do wonders (plus, they can come with you when you up sticks).

10 New extension

Like a loft conversion, an extension’s a proper investment that you might be ready for. Modern extensions aren’t about adding a single separate room at the back of your house, but rather offer the opportunity to create a sociable, spacious and light-filled cooking, dining and living area you (and future buyers of your home) might crave.

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