Creating a beach theme in your home

Fiona Duffy 05/03/2018 10:01:09 DIY and How-to Guides

Pic: DFS
Coastal rooms never go out of fashion. Okay, so they’re more appropriate to the summer season, but they’re easily warmed up for winter with chunky knits and deep pile rugs. So, how to get a nautical-style room just right? The trick is to avoid a seaside theme and head instead for a coastal feel that’s inspired by natural textures and materials.
Which colour scheme to choose?
The walls? White-painted panels are perfect, but hints of grey and taupe and plenty of scrubbed wood will give your rooms an understated coastal appeal that will look fashionable all year round.
Want to add a splash of colour to your scheme? Consider natural tones you might find on the beach, such as olive green. What to avoid? High gloss surfaces, super shiny metallics – battered, dull metal is a must-have, though.

Pic: George Home
New England-style blue and white stripes are best limited to just one piece, with the rest of the room decorated in plain fabrics and graphic patterns that edge closer to boho chic than anything else.
Upcycled shutters like these (above) look fab, too. Scrub or whitewash them until they have that driftwood-effect and you’ll be spot on.

Pic: DFS
Add a good dose of washed wood
Whether on the walls, floors or in accessories, whitewashed wood is a must-have. Up the ante with plenty of wicker baskets, sisal rugs, and even wood lampstands. Picture frames, storage boxes and even driftwood you’ve picked up while beachcombing will give you that layered look interior designers are so good at creating.

Pic: California Shutters
Dress up the windows
Coastal-style interiors lean towards fuss-free window treatments, with shutters the first choice for style experts. Choose full-height shutters for bedrooms and living spaces, and café style shutters for bathrooms and kitchens where privacy isn’t an issue but maximising daylight is.
Want to add a splash of colour? Introducing it in shutters is ideal – ours can be colour matched to the exact shade of beautiful blue (or grey or taupe – or, of course, white) you desire.

Pic: Loaf
Pick the best furniture
Remember what we said about scrubbed wood for floors and walls? Same goes for furniture – if you can find pieces in wood that looks like it’s been left out in a winter storm, you’re on the money. And don’t forget, light-coloured wood will look more laid back and space-enhancing than dark. For soft furnishings, think squashy comfort.
Tone down the accessories
Shells, anchors, watercolours of seaside towns… are all part of the coastal look we first embraced in the 1980s. Instead, think Soho House on the beach – seaside-y but stylish. In other words, less is much, much more.

Pic: Homebase
Go coastal in the garden
Gardens suit the coastal look just as much as your rooms indoors do. Blue-painted furniture, a pile or two of pebbles, tons of Mediterranean or tropical plants – and a good helping of sunshine – and you’re there.
Be inspired by our shutter galleries to create your dream room scheme