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Our favourite living room window shutter looks

California Shutters 09/03/2020 10:33:16

When we think of living rooms, we imagine a place that can be both a sanctuary from the outside world and a space to relax and entertain in. We like our choice of decor to complement these requirements – practical and stylish, yet also comforting. And which window dressing matches this description? Why, plantation shutters of course! Let’s take some inspiration by looking at some of our favourite living room shutters.

Full height shutters California Shutters

Full height living room shutters

As the name indicates, full height shutters cover the whole of the window area. With these shutters, you get to control the amount of light that you require, and you can have as many panels across the window as you’d like. Full height shutters are perfect for patio doors or windows that are close to busy roads, as they’re super-effective at blocking out noise. If you have large windows, their natural wood ingredients add valuable insulation.

Full height shutters California shutters

Image credit: @thatchedcottagecotswolds

No matter the size of your windows or age of your home, plantation shutters are a stylish, impressive addition. We especially love these white full height shutters, above, which perfectly illustrate how this style can also bring out the best in smaller windows within period properties.

Full height shutters California shutters

Image credit: 1930s_doer_upper 

We’re also big fans of this classic 1930s home (above), where the owners have opted for white full height living room shutters which complement the bay window and period stylings beautifully. Doggone it, the canine theme works a treat!

Tier on tier living room shutters

Tier on tier shutters California Shutters

Gaining in popularity, Tier on tier shutters bring you the benefits of full height and café style shutters combined. With this style, you choose a tailored divide point so that your panels can be split into an upper and lower tier which open independently. These allow you to keep the bottom section closed for privacy whilst still allowing plenty of light to come through above.

A versatile design, tier on tier shutters really complement period properties and are particularly suited to tall windows.

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Tier on tier shutters by California Shutters

Images from: livingourvictorianhousedream

Here’s a perfect example (above) of how effective tier on tier shutters can be. We’re loving what the owners have achieved in transforming this Victorian living room. The paint job, furnishings and shutters really give the space a fresh feel that still honours its 19th century origins.

Our tier on tier window shutters convey a classic look that still has a very contemporary vibe. Plantation shutters are a uniquely futureproof design that really put the seal on a room, in more ways than one!

Cafe style living room shutters

Cafe style shutters by California Shutters

Café style shutters are a design that covers the lower half of a window. Like tier on tier, they offer you privacy and natural light in tandem. They’re ideal for bay windows and traditional designs that incorporate stained glass features (below).

Cafe style shutters by California Shutters

Image credit: @thehomethatmademe

As you can see, this room is light and airy, and the café style shutters add a sophisticated dimension to its classic English bay window. This design covers 2/3 of the opening. Café style shutters can also cover 1/3 of the window or up to any barrier or preferred cut-off point.

They’re also a more cost-effective window dressing than Full Height or Tier on tier.

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Image credit:

Café style shutters can also be an effective dressing for special shaped windows where you may prefer to keep a permanent light source throughout the day. This triangular-shaped window in Cornwall (above) is a great example!

Cafe style shutters by California Shutters
Image credit:  @woodsintothewoods

We also can’t resist another pooch pic of this handsome golden Labrador enjoying our white café style shutters in his lovely Victorian home. 


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Solid Raised living room shutters

solid raised shutters by California Shutters

Finally, Solid raised shutters bring a completely different quality to living rooms. Combining a winning blend of the traditional and continental, solid wood plantation shutters are renowned for their near-blackout qualities. They are also the most effective window dressing against the cold and, like our other shutter styles, help reduce energy bills.


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We love the cosy, velvety vibe of this living room (above), which sits in contrast to the lighter feel brought about by the option of half solid raised shutters (below). Their single lower panels provide security and insulation, whilst the adjustable louvered upper section lets you bring in more or less light, depending on your preference. The solid section is much easier to clean when people or pets enter from the garden, bringing in dust. This leaves you with more time to spend in good company, whilst admiring the positive impact of your living room shutters.


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