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Sarah Warwick 06/05/2015 10:15:27 DIY and How-to Guides

After a look that’s fresh, space-expanding, easy to put together and timeless? Seaside chic can be a hit in any type of home, and whatever distance from the sea you live. Here’s how.

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Get the colour scheme right

When it comes to the palette we’re talking the classic combination of sail white, sea and sky blues, and – if you want an accent shade – a pop of red for authentic coastal room schemes. Sandy neutrals and weathered wood tones are a must-have, too. This is a palette that’s adaptable to your lifestyle. The ultra-careful could go for white upholstery; the rest of us can stick to more forgiving neutrals or super-practical blue tones. Likewise, white walls will make the right impact, but if you need a little more warmth or pure white is asking for trouble in your home, a cream shade isn’t going to compromise the style and will pull off the same clever trick of making your room look larger and airier.

For the floor, either whitewashed boards or oak or similar tones underfoot could be your favoured choice – but so could sand-coloured carpets or natural floorcoverings if they’re more up your coastal path. A blue and white striped rug can warm up wood flooring for those inclined to cold feet.

And while we’re on the subject of stripes, a smart blue and white version should be number one on your pattern list for soft furnishings, but there’s nothing to stop you dabbling with a little spot or check, too.

Dress the window

Coastal-style interiors are pretty without being fussy and good looking but practical – remind you of a window treatment? Yes, shutters are an unbeatable choice meeting all the criteria in one gorgeous package. Which style to choose? Full-height shutters http://www.californiashutters.co.uk/shutters/styles/full-height will create the clean lines the coastal look demands and are perfect for this look, but café style http://www.californiashutters.co.uk/shutters/styles/cafe-style will also work a treat and are worth a thought if you want to maximise the daylight that reaches a room without letting the overly curious satisfy their need to check out your (admittedly fabulous) decor.

When it comes to the colour of your shutters, white is just right for this look, but you could choose a beautiful blue to make a feature of your windows and team it with white walls and pale flooring. Remember, we can colour match for you, so you get the finish you really want.

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Pick the furniture

We’ve talked about the colour of your wood furniture (mid to light in tone), and its qualities (think natural, not high gloss), and that applies for living rooms, dining spaces and bedrooms. You could also consider white-painted tables, chairs, shelving and bed frames to up the freshness factor. Whichever finish you go for, make sure you’re picking pieces with simple lines rather than ornate detail.

Sofas and armchairs can have gently plump curves: imagine sinking in rather than perching on top and you’ll be on the right lines. Want to create an indoor-outdoor ambience for a living room? Then woven designs that look equally good outside and in are an alternative.

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Add the accessories

There’s plenty of scope for accessorising this look, so, yes, you can go for nautical-style lighting; you can pick artwork or sculpture featuring boats, sea birds, and sea creatures; and you can hang bunting and seaside signage. But take it easy is all we’ll say. After all, equally lovely are glass hurricane lanterns, designs made from rope, the subtle sheen of a shell finish and woven designs, all of which will add to the atmosphere without going overboard (sorry, couldn’t resist).

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