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It’s a blackout

California Shutters 21/05/2017 09:32:32 Seasonal
With summer approaching, mornings and evenings are getting ever lighter. Choose solid shutters to block out the light – and do much, much more.

Are your children struggling to fall asleep because it’s light at their bedtime? Are you all being woken up early by the sunrise? You might think black out blinds are the best solution but even good quality ones aren’t that effective at controlling the light, with gaps at the top, bottom and around the edges letting light seep through. So what’s the solution? Solid shutters, of course. Here’s why.


Solid shutters offer the best black out
With no slats, solid indoor shutters block the light really effectively and, assuming your window frames are in good condition, should allow in next to no light at all. But they have other benefits, too.


Window shutters block out noise, too

Are you being kept awake by noise outside, too? Whether your neighbours are having late night garden parties or traffic is continually roaring past, noise outdoors can be as much of a nuisance at night as light. Solid shutters add an extra layer of insulation that’s as effective as double-glazing, keeping noise pollution to a minimum.


Did we just say double-glazing?
Yup – and although keeping rooms warm and saving money on heating bills isn’t so much of a concern at this time of year, it’s worth remembering that in the cooler months, solid shutters – and other types – keep your rooms snug and energy-efficient.


Solid shutters give you privacy and security
Insulating a window top to bottom with shutters will give you a room that’s not just protected from prying eyes, but one that’s much more secure to uninvited intruders. Ideal if you like to sleep with the windows open in summer.


Oh, and shutters look great, too
Shutters are the perfect choice if you’re looking to create an elegant interior, whether contemporary or more traditional. And with our Colour Match Service, you can specify the shade you want your shutters painted so they complement your room scheme, too.
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