How to install shutters on UPVC windows and UPVC conservatories

Fiona Duffy 16/05/2018 11:49:24 DIY and How-to Guides
shutters UPVC windows conservatories
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Are the windows in your home made from UPVC? Or perhaps you have a UPVC conservatory? Have you thought you can't have shutters for this reason? Well, we have good news for you. You can fit shutters to both UPVC windows and UPVC conservatories with ease.

See how to measure your conservatory windows with our step by step guide.  


What should I know about fitting UPVC window shutters and UPVC conservatory shutters?

The process for fitting shutters to UPVC windows is exactly the same as it is when the frames are made from wood. (And don’t forget, we provide a simple step-by-step guide on installing shutters to help you). All you need to know is that when you’re fixing the shutter frame into position on UPVC, once you feel the screw you’re using to fix the frame begin to bite, you need to stop drilling. Simple!

Is there anything I need to be aware of if I’m fitting shutters to UPVC windows?

Take a look at the handles of the windows. Do they protrude into the window recess? It’s important to avoid a clash between the window handles and the louvres of the shutters as they’re opened. Choosing narrower slat sizes may solve the problem, but if even these won’t work with the protruding handle, or if the window is large or you like a contemporary look and wide slats are your preference, then you can use an inside mount frame. The frame – from which the shutter panel is hung – can be positioned so there’s enough room for the handles to operate and the louvres to be opened.

shutters UPVC windows conservatories
Customer photo of UPVC shutters with custom-made shapes (left)

Where do I get a frame to use with UPVC windows and conservatories?

You can order an inside mount frame from us, which has pre-drilled fixing holes. The frame attaches to the window recess at the sides and at the top and bottom, so you won’t actually be drilling into UPVC if you follow this installation route. Fitting the shutters inside a recess is a good way to hang them too, as it makes the installation neat and it’s easy to measure.

What if I don’t have a window recess?

A window that isn’t recessed is in line with the interior wall. These are usually traditional sash windows and, for these, we offer a vintage L frame that can be fitted to the window or surrounding wall and from which the shutter panels are hung. Modern sash windows made from UPVC may have a tilt function that means they open inwards, for which you may need a different fitting, so get in touch with us before you measure and we can talk you through it.

Image credit: California Shutters

How do I mount shutters in my UPVC conservatory?

The best way of hanging shutters will depend on the shape of the conservatory. Often conservatories have a ‘boxed’ shape with side and front windows at 90° from one another. Here, an inside mount frame (as we discussed above) can be very effective.

Some UPVC conservatories are designed with each window section angled at around 45°. For these designs, fixing the shutter frame into the corresponding window frame can work best. Again, don’t worry about fixing your shutters to UPVC – just follow the rule that when the screw bites, you should stop drilling.

Remember you can always send us a photo of your UPVC conservatory and we’ll be delighted to advise you on the best way to install our shutters.

My UPVC conservatory has some unusually shaped windows. Can I get shutters to fit those?

Absolutely. Even if the windows are an interesting shape, it’s still easy to hang shutters in a UPVC conservatory. Our shutters are bespoke and we can make them to fit triangular, arched and even circular windows perfectly.

Take a look at our customer gallery to see a range of ideas and possibilities for your project or contact us for a quote.

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