How to choose shutters for bedrooms

Fiona Duffy 16/05/2018 13:13:40 Buying Shutters, DIY and How-to Guides
Pic: Solid shutters by California Shutters

Why choose plantation shutters for a grown-up bedroom?
Whether you love a long lie-in at the weekend or have an east-facing bedroom that’s lit by the sunrise every morning, bedroom shutters offer you the chance to control light levels – dark at night, bright and breezy in the day. And because the slats can be tilted up and down when you’re up and about, you can let in lots of light while creating a private space. Want the windows open in summer? Shutters will give you plenty of privacy, won’t rattle in a breeze, but will still let the cool night air flow in. And, in winter, they’re as effective as double-glazing for keeping your room cosy – and quiet (a real bonus if you have single glazing or live on a busy road).
Pic: California Shutters

Are shutters suitable for kids’ bedrooms?
Children’s bedrooms are the ideal spot for shutters for all the reasons above – and if your little ones get up at the slightest hint of sunlight, choosing solid shutters that are more effective than blackout blinds is a wise move. Perhaps they might suit your bedroom too, especially if you work the night shift.
Can I put shutters in a loft bedroom?
An attic conversion is not the place for curtains or blinds because both block out light to some degree during the day (when you want the room to be light), and heavy drapes take up floor space, which is usually at a premium, especially in rooms built into the eaves. Shutters allow you to filter the light – and therefore heat – on hot days, and keep out cold draughts in winter, too.
Loft room windows can be somewhat awkward – or interesting – in shape. The good news is that window shutters will show off and flatter, rather than hide, their proportions, and you can even have them made to fit skylights, dormers and French windows looking over roof terraces or Juliette balconies.Have a look at our customer's gallery for inspiration. 

Pic: Tier-on-tier shutters by California Shutters

Which shutter style to choose?
From a design point of view, should you go for full-height, tier-on-tier or solid shutters?
Full-height shutters cover your whole window and – with wider slats – suit more contemporary rooms. Choose yours with a mid-rail aligned with the window’s mid-rail to create a smart finish and to allow you to open the upper and lower slat halves of the shutters independently.
Tier-on-tier shutters cover your whole window, with the top and bottom panel halves opening independently. These tend to suit more traditional schemes – particularly with narrower slats - and are perfect for maintaining privacy while allowing the maximum light into the room during the day.  
Solid shutters can come as full solid, half-solid or tier-on-tier solid shutters for bedrooms. Perfect for a contemporary, vintage-style or period-look room, they are a sleek and smart option. Bear in mind that you’ll need wall space either side to open the panels out to allow daylight in.
Café-style shutters cover only the lower part of the windows, offering a good balance of privacy and light, and can be matched with curtains for a luxurious, layered look. Ideal for rustic-style rooms, they suit more formal, traditional bedrooms, too.
Which slats to choose?
Slats – or louvres – come in widths of 47mm, 64mm, 89mm and 114mm. Wider slats look more contemporary than narrower ones, let in more light and allow you to see more of the view outside. On the downside, they will also allow people to have a better view into the room, so choose narrower slats if privacy is a real issue. Your window’s size might affect your slat choice, too: smaller windows suit a wider slat whereas narrower slats will only make it feel smaller.

Pic: Tier-on-tier shutters by California Shutters
Which shutter colours or materials will suit my bedroom?
The beauty of bedroom window shutters is that you don’t need to be renovating your entire room to install them. White, neutral or wood finishes will blend perfectly into an existing space, and you can easily redesign your room without having to update them. Or, if you love colour – whether bold brights or soft pastels – you can have your shutters colour-matched to co-ordinate with your bedroom’s wallpaper, paint colours or even bedlinen. Or, perhaps you’d like to use our huge choice of colours and finishes as the starting point for your bedroom’s new scheme? Check out our galleries for inspiration.