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Why shutters are the best treatment for loft windows

Fiona Duffy 25/05/2018 08:00:00 Buying Shutters

Pic: California Shutters

Converting the loft can be a great way to add extra space. What’s more, an attic conversion cost can be significantly lower than that of moving to a home with an extra room in the same location. But whether you’ve opted to create a master suite, home office or extra living space up there to increase the size of your home, it’s important to finish off the new room’s windows with a treatment that offers light control and privacy.


Difficult-to-dress windows

Loft windows often aren’t the easiest of windows to dress. If you’ve had a dormer conversion, you may have discovered that hanging curtains can be challenging and that a special pole’s needed. The way curtains have to be hung could also end up blocking some of the light, making your new room a gloomier place to spend time than it needs to be.


In a small loft conversion, or in addition to dormers in a bigger space, you might have incorporated skylights, and wondered if you need to leave the window uncovered, resulting in a room that feels exposed, or thought that the only option was a boring blind.


Older homes might also feature beautifully shaped windows, like round versions, which look great, but seem impossible to dress.


Pic: California Shutters

Fitting loft shutters

The solution to dressing loft windows isn’t struggling with bulky light-blocking curtains or dull blinds, though. Our loft shutters are made to fit loft windows whether they’re dormers, skylights or shaped versions. Custom made for each window, shutters fit precisely and let in maximum light because they follow the window’s dimensions.


Unlike curtains and blinds, shutters aren’t just open or shut. With their easily adjustable slats the light can be regulated day long to create a comfortable atmosphere in the new loft room.


Shutters are also winners when it comes to comfort in a loft space. In winter, they’ll help keep the space snug as they provide effective insulation. Meanwhile, in summer, when an attic can become warm, it’s simple to open the window and manoeuvre the slats to prevent direct sunlight overheating the room but maintain the flow of fresh air.


Pic: California Shutters

Working with different window styles

Loft dormer window types include box style, hipped, gable, eyebrow and arched dormers, but whatever type has been used in your loft conversion, our shutters are custom made to the window’s measurements, so you can be sure they’ll fit beautifully, as well as managing the light and your privacy.


And, if you choose shutters, unusual window shapes – such as round versions – don’t have to result in an awkward compromise. The custom design will show off the shape rather than concealing but the room is still dressed for privacy.


Shutters fitted to skylights, meanwhile, work efficiently with magnets so they can stay closed (and the louvres operated to manage the light), or be held open, as required.


Pic: California Shutters

Complementing your home with shutters

Shutters look fabulous used in the loft conversions of all styles of home – from elegant period houses to modern properties. Want to make them work with yours? Use these expert tips:


Shutters work in individual rooms but for maximum kerb appeal from the exterior as well as a pulled-together appearance inside, choose them for every floor from the ground to a loft conversion.


If yours is a terraced house loft conversion, you may opt for a simple conversion with skylights, or a dormer conversion that creates extra head room inside the loft. Dressing the window with shutters in either case will help keep the lines of the new room fuss-free and therefore more spacious feeling.


Converting the loft of a cottage-style home? Smaller slat sizes are a natural fit with loft windows in this type of house. They also work well on small loft windows.


Newer home with contemporary style? Opt for shutters with larger louvres that are in tune with the rest of the house’s modern features. Large slat sizes are also great for large loft windows, including full-height glazing.


If your new loft room is compact in size, the choice of shutter colour can make it feel larger. Opt for white or very pale neutral hues to reflect light around the room and visually enlarge it.


Including an en-suite bathroom in the loft conversion? If the window treatment is likely to get splashed, pick waterproof vinyl shutters which won’t be warped or damaged by splashes for enduring good looks.

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