How we transformed the windows of this Georgian mansion in London with shutters

Fiona Duffy 31/05/2019 09:04:29 Inspiration, Stories
One of our biggest projects yet, California Shutters recently fitted shutters to the windows and doors of a stunning London property for our annual shoot.

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Photo: California Shutters

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a shutter photoshoot, step inside this empty Georgian mansion in London, often hired by homes and interior companies to showcase and style their products. See how we transformed every corner with our self-install shutters, making the character of the London property truly shine.

With a lick of paint, some carefully placed furniture, and easy-to-install plantation shutters that can be fitted to even the wonkiest of windows, it’s amazing how you can transform an empty room.

Let’s start in the heart of this London home, the kitchen...

Fitting shutters in London – The Kitchen

Photo: California Shutters

A north facing room with ample character, the kitchen in this Georgian house didn’t require much to take it from a dark cluttered space to a stylish, practical room for cooking and washing up in.

Our first objective was to make the most of the (little) light the room received through the day, by getting the window dressing just right, plus we wanted to demonstrate exactly why shutters are an excellent option behind a kitchen sink window, even when obstructions like large taps are posing potential problems, as in this case.

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Photo: California Shutters

We chose to fit our cafe style shutters to the window - our most light-enhancing shutter style - measuring up to the mid-point of the window frame to allow the top set of windows to remain exposed.

Not only would this allow light to infiltrate the room from the top, but the cafe style bi-folding panels, opening two to the left, two to the right, would work perfectly around the tap obstruction if the homeowner ever wanted to open back the panels to expose the whole windows.

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Photo: California Shutters

The window is now styled perfectly for everyday living. Cafe style shutters fitted with an inside mount frame give the homeowner plenty of window sill space to perch washing up liquid, plants and vases within easy reach. What’s more, the range we chose to fit is also available in waterproof (polyvinyl), ensuring any rogue splashes of water from the sink won’t warp or split the shutters with daily wear and tear.

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Fitting shutters in London – The Bedroom

Period properties in London are blessed with character, from original sash windows and cornice to original panelling and grand fireplaces. But as any London homeowner who owns a period property will tell you, the downside can be sourcing furniture and window dressing to fit against unlevel walls and windows in older homes.

Measuring and fitting shutters to wonky windows is a little trickier, but still very achievable to a beginner at DIY. Many of our customers call our team of shutter experts in seek of advice to measure/install shutters to windows that are a little ‘off’ or unlevel. We are well versed in guiding our customers to achieve the perfect look and fit (right to the millimetre!). 

Photo: California Shutters

So, when our team measured and fitted bedroom shutters to this wonky Georgian sash window, we put our skills to the test – and we confidently got the perfect fit.

Choosing the style of shutters for this Georgian bedroom was a no-brainer. Solid shutters remain in keeping with the period charm of the room. Having no slats, they typically block out more light than louvred shutters, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

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Photo: California Shutters

Did you know? Solid shutters have been known to help insulate rooms. Made bespoke to every window, when the panels are closed, they block any unwanted draughts making them ideal for period properties with single glazed sash windows. And they were very easy to fit. We drilled the frame in first, then hung each solid panel securely to the frame with hinge pins.

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Fitting shutters in London – Making this dormer window into a reading nook

Photo: California Shutters

Some London homes, such as this Georgian property, are blessed with potential reading areas beneath dormer windows, or bay windows. Often it can be difficult to know how to style windows like these, especially if the area in front of them isn’t quite wide enough to perch freestanding furniture like a sofa. However, by adding something as simple as a chair, a bench or installing a built-in seat below your bay window or dormer window, you make the most of the redundant space and have a whole new area to relax in your home.

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Photo: California Shutters

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We fitted 16 shutters to this London property, then painted, decorated and styled all corners of the house across 3 days. Fitting the shutters was the rapid part :)

We hope you enjoyed the whistle-stop tour of how we transformed this home. It’s never been more simple to measure, fit and love your shutters. 

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