How to choose the right shutters for every room

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Choose the right shutters for every room

5 questions to help you make the right shutter choice

Bamboozled by our fabulously wide range? Before you check out our room-by-room guide below, here’s what to ask yourself - with answers helpfully provided by us:

1. Which shutter style is best for my home?

Good news: all shutter styles suit both modern and period properties, and contemporary, traditional and vintage-style room schemes – so rely on your (undoubtedly) good taste and you won’t go too far wrong. Each style comes with its own distinct differences, though - here’s a quick rundown:

View-Cafe-style-shutters-(1).pngCafé-style shutters cover only the lower part of windows. They offer some privacy and lots of light, and have a cute, country appeal. Plus, because they cover less of the window than other shutters, they could work out to be your most affordable choice. What to do with the bare top half of the window? Leave it undressed or (shudder) hang blinds or curtains.

View-Tier-on-Tier-shutters.pngTier-on-tier shutters have separately adjustable top and bottom panels, allowing you to open either panel or their slats independently from the other. They offer maximum privacy and flexibility, and suit traditional or period properties.

View-Full-Height-shutters.pngFull-height, classic plantation shutters come as one-piece panels and are ideal for a streamlined look - think contemporary New England. A mid rail is a good idea with these shutters, as they allow you to tilt the slats of the lower part of the panel independently from those of the upper part.

View-Solid-Panel-shutters.pngSolid shutters, perfect for a traditional French feel, come either completely solid (and have to be folded back to let in light), or as a combination of a solid lower panel and a slatted upper panel, so you can keep them shut and still let in some light.

2. Which material should I choose? 

Polyvinyl shutters or wooden shutters? Polyvinyl shutters look almost identical to wooden shutters but are waterproof, making them the best choice for steamy rooms, although they needn’t be limited to those spaces. Wooden shutters are perfect everywhere else – and our collection includes a range of wood choices to suit every budget.

3. Tilt or fold - how will I open my shutters?

Folding back the panels: the great thing (well, one of the many great things) about shutters is that they can be folded right back to reveal the whole window and let in lots of lovely daylight. If you choose this option, you need to ensure there will be nothing in the way of the panel – furniture, for example - as you open it. Bi-fold panels with narrower slats that concertina neatly can help avoid this.

Tilting the slats: for heightened privacy or just because you like the look, you can also keep the panels closed and tilt the slats to let the light in – and we promise, very little daylight is lost this way. Wide panels with fewer vertical sections and with wider slats will maximise the room’s daylight and give you a more streamlined look.

How to choose the right shutters California Shutters

4. Which louver/slat size will best suit my windows?

It’s pretty simple – large windows or French doors suit shutters with wider louvers/slats (ours come in 89mm and 114mm widths), while small windows suit shutters with narrower slats (ours are 64mm). The wider the slats, the deeper the shutter’s frame, so if a 114mm slat means the frame will sit proud of your windowsill, an 89mm slat might be better. It’s not an exact science, but we think shutters with narrower slats tend to suit traditional-style rooms, while shutters with wider slats suit more contemporary spaces. Whichever you choose, ensure the mid-rail and tier-on-tier split points match where the window already divides. Slats should be in front of glass and rails in front of frames.

5. Which colour shutter should I go for?

White and off-white are easily the most popular choice of colours, but if you're drawn towards a different mood for your rooms we also offer a great selection of shutter colours in other subtle hues. Better still, we’re one of the only companies custom-painting polyvinyl shutters. From experience, we favour cool and calm tones, with our complementary shades providing a classic, unobtrusive focus to a home. 

Room-by-room shutter guide

Still not 100% sure which shutters to get for your rooms? Fear not – these super sensible design tips will help you nail your choice.

Living room
Dining room
Do you overlook a busy road? Tier-on-tier shutters will give constant privacy but also allow you to fold back the upper panels for maximum daylight. Café-style shutters are a good alternative.

Do you tend to open the top-half of your sash windows in summer? Tier-on-tier shutters will also give you the flexibility to easily access the window locks.

Do you intend to fold back your shutter panels in the day? Choose narrower panels that can neatly concertina.
Are you unlikely to ever fold back your shutter panels? Full-height shutters will probably be a better option for you.

Want to make your room feel both secure and light-free at night? Solid shutters will be a good choice.

Want utter privacy without going for solid shutters? Our privacy fit shutters can achieve this for you; they come in Classic Poplar Wood, with 89mm slats and a hidden push rod.
Is your room poorly-ventilated or do you just like a long soak? Polyvinyl shutters will withstand the steamiest of rooms.

Do you want to add a splash of colour to a plain bathroom? Our polyvinyl shutters come in a range of subtle colours. 

Bathroom window tiny or an odd shape? Full-height shutters with narrow slats will make it feel bigger and more uniform.
Does your window sit near the cooking area? Wooden shutters will cope but polyvinyl shutters are guaranteed warp-proof, and because they look just like wooden shutters, you can mix and match both materials in an open-plan space.

Want your kitchen to be a little more private? Whether you’re hiding an ugly view outside or hiding yourself indoors, café-style shutters are a good option for a kitchen.

Is yours open-plan to the dining or living area? Ensure all your shutters match in terms of style, colour and slat size for a co-ordinated look indoors and out.
Home office
Home Office Does the daylight on your computer screen give you glare fatigue? Tier-on-tier shutters will give you ultimate control over the daylight entering your room. Enough said.
Dining room
Dining room
Do you tend to save your dining room for evening use only? Why not consider a mood-enhancing, dramatic, darker shade for your shutters – either a stain or paint colour?

Does your dining room double up as a homework space/home gym/games room? Full-height shutters with wider slats will give it a neater, streamlined look 

If you need more help or advice about choosing your shutters, you can contact us or call 0800 195 0196.

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